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We're excited that we're up to 9th in the Citizen's Advice customer service rankings. We're moving in the right direction but will continue to improve. 🦊 https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/about-us/how-citizens-advice-works/citizens-advice-consumer-work/supplier-performance/energy-supplier-performance/compare-domestic-energy-suppliers-customer-service/?fbclid=IwAR11jzpcqj1xEDUtH_e-4cTGBsDKw0JERXeph-Fr5UkWN7siUbSjZo-Qk_8

Good afternoon all. We are currently having issues with our 0800 number. If you'd like to give us a call please do so on 0116 296 5830. We apologise for the inconvenience.

We are proud and happy that we are rated excellent on Trustpilot. We love hearing all your feedback & suggestions so keep them coming!

To have a read of what our customers are saying, visit our Trustpilot page by clicking the link here: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.outfoxthemarket.co.uk🤩

NEW BLOG ALERT! This one is all about climate change and what you can do to help make a change. Click the link https://www.outfoxthemarket.co.uk/about/blog/ to give it a read. 😁🌍

Hi all. 👋🏼 We’ve released a new variable tariff which is now available on our website. Click here http://www.outfoxthemarket.co.uk/quote/new/ to get a quote to see how much you could save 🤩

We love seeing your reviews! Especially about how easy it is to switch over to us. All you need to do is sign up and we’ll do all the hard work for you! Check out how much you can save by visiting our website http://www.outfoxthemarket.co.uk 🤩

You spoke, we listened! We’ve just launched a new Fixed Electricity tariff. Get a quote and see how much you can save - https://www.outfoxthemarket.co.uk/quote/new/

A tariff recommendation from Money Super Market/MSE no less. 😃👇


UPDATE: We are aware of the issue regarding our website and know that this is an issue within Amazon Web Services which is affecting a number of their client's websites. We are being updated regularly and Amazon is working towards a fix. Thanks 🦊

Hello all, unfortunately, our website is down at the moment. Please email hello@outfoxthemarket.co.uk or send a DM here & we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding. 🦊

New blog alert - 🦊 - #pricecap #energy https://www.outfoxthemarket.co.uk/about/blog/mind-gap-otm-ofgem-price-cap/

Positive news for the 11 million people paying far too much for their energy. But, our variable tariff is still £348.44 cheaper than the price cap! #energycap #pricecap #ofgem


@Outfoxthemarket would just like to give a shout to you guys. Big thanks to your customer service team they are the best, I may not be a customer but you certainly have top customer service! For that alone you're great! 👏🏻 @Trustpilot @WhichUK #CustomerService #EnergyProvider

You may have heard that we are rebranding Economy 7 Energy and Foxglove Energy as Outfox the Market. You can find out more here> https://www.outfoxthemarket.co.uk/about/blog/warm-welcome-customers-foxglove-and-economy-7/?fbclid=IwAR1jXPCjEmYz4rBXkoV6DhmONxlHrKr9zOtXNnYphu4rJztNhJ8DqLFBNY0

As we're in lockdown in lovely Leicester 😔, the time is right for a rehash of this blog


Have you joined the OTM customer discussion group yet? If not, head on over today. You could be in with a chance to win an Amazon voucher worth £25 🤩https://facebook.com/groups/510010749582300/

We post blogs every now and then! Click the link below to have a read 👇😊🦊


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