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We've heard some pretty odd things about smart meters, and it's time bust some myths with our resident expert, Bjoern Reinke. In our seventh episode, he looks at whether smart meters can be infected with viruses 📲👇

While everyone wants to do their bit for the environment, it helps to know the lingo. We’ve got you covered with our sustainability jargon buster 👉 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/sustainability-dictionary-the-ultimate-jargon-buster-for-businesses/

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Last month, our offices generated over 22,000 kWh of energy through our solar panel rooftops, equivalent to...👇
💭 5.8 tonnes of CO2 saved,
🌳 87 trees planted,
🚘 or 99,306 miles in an EV

How can your business go green while saving money?

Go back to the source. Take a step back and look at your supply chain and save resources, optimise processes and promote your corporate social responsibility 👉 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/6-ways-small-businesses-are-going-green-while-saving-money/

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Carbon emissions dropped dramatically since lockdown started. 📉

How can we take the lessons we've learnt from the pandemic and implement them to reduce the #CarbonFootprint of our businesses?👇

How safe and secure is your businesses #SmartMeter data? 💭 ⤵️ https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/14-odd-things-weve-read-about-smart-meter-security-data-and-privacy/

What #RenewableEnergy generators do we support?💡

We buy excess electricity from over 2,300 renewable generators across the UK and supply it in turn to our business customers...

Valpy Fitzgerald @Opus_Energy explains the difference between carbon neutral & carbon negative for @energy_informa #energy #sustainability

Is your business generating its own renewable electricity?💡

If not, why not?🤷 You could be missing out on some great opportunities 👉 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/why-your-business-should-consider-generating-its-own-renewable-electricity/

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Where does Opus Energy's electricity come from?💭

From small-scale wind turbines🌬️ to large arrays of solar panels🌞 and a handful of hydroelectric💧, we work with generators of all sizes to help bring cleaner energy to our customers. 💡


Our tariff - Opus Advance - guarantees that all the #renewable electricity supplied is sourced from UK and European generators 👉 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/opus-energy-helps-build-greener-businesses-with-new-100-renewable/

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What are we doing in our commitment to #sustainability at Opus Energy? Find out ➡️ https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/opus-energy-our-commitment-to-sustainability-and-our-work-in-our/


Coping with Corona – Paul Sheffield of @HavenPower and @Opus_Energy.
How can #carbon sequestration under the #NorthSea help with network balancing? Find out in this conversation.

Coping with Corona – Paul Sheffield of Haven Power and Opus #Energy - https://is.gd/fq8kvA
#Businessenergy #Homeenergy #energy #utilities #electricity #gas @utilitycentreuk

Recently @PaulSheffieldMD spoke to Sumit Bose of @EnergyLiveNews as part of their 'Coping with Corona' series. Watch the full conversation here ⬇️


As a business owner, #sustainability should be at the top of your agenda. But going green doesn't necessarily have to cost money. Here are 6 ways small businesses are going green while saving money 👉 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/6-ways-small-businesses-are-going-green-while-saving-money/ 🍃

#SmallBusiness #SmallBiz #SustainableBusiness

Diversify and conquer: 7️⃣ steps to making money with renewable energy 👉 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/making-money-with-renewable-energy/

#RenewableEnergy #RenewableGenerator #SmallBusiness

6 things you didn't know about smart meters 👇📲 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/6-things-you-didnt-know-about-smart-meters/


In 2013 Gamlingaye village set up their own wind turbine. See how it's energising village life 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/gamlingay-community-turbine-energising-village-life/

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Your shower is your business - there's no interest for any energy company to analyse at behavoiour to that great a level of data. Smart meter data is only used to help you understand your energy use better, and for suppliers to ensure you're billed accurately:

Can a #SmallBusiness benefit from investing in renewable energy? From getting supplied, through to generating your own green energy, find out if it really is good for business and the bottom line ⬇️ https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/energise-your-business-renewable-energy/

#RenewableEnergy #Renewables

Energy-efficiency technology means we use less energy, right? Not always. Read on to understand what the rebound effect is, what causes it, and how it can be combatted 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/rebound-effect-use-more-energy/

From small changes like turning office heating down, to long-term decisions like investing in renewable generation, here are 6 ways small business are going green while saving money 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/6-ways-small-businesses-are-going-green-while-saving-money/

#SmallBusiness #SustainableBusiness #GreenBusiness

We've heard some pretty odd things about smart meters, and it's time bust some myths with our resident expert, Bjoern Reinke. In our sixth episode, he looks at whether smart meters are could cause pets to get sick.

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