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Are you an #undergraduate looking for an exciting year in #industry #placement? 🎓
We are currently looking for a #PR and #PressOffice #Intern to join our fast paced Media team. ⚡️🗞📰
Find out more. ➡️ https://draxgroup.csod.com/ats/careersite/JobDetails.aspx?site=7&id=1562


Flexibility is key in being a more #SustainableBusiness after the coronavirus pandemic. Find out what that means 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/how-can-businesses-be-more-sustainable-after-the-coronavirus-pandemic/

The most proactive way that businesses can support the #RenewableEnergy revolution, and reduce their own environmental impact, is by investing directly in renewable energy technology and generating their own energy 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/why-your-business-should-consider-generating-its-own-renewable-electricity/

Smart meter data is something really personal, really private to you, and it’s supposed to help you understand better how you’re using energy. It will never be sold on to third parties:

According to figures from the FSB, almost 60% of #SmalBusinesses see energy as a significant cost to their business. See how you can keep your energy costs down 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/keeping-your-business-energy-costs-down/

"As we start to recover from the coronavirus pandemic there is no better opportunity to build a greener more sustainable world." It's great to see some of the UK's largest retailers collaborate on this net-zero roadmap: https://www.businessgreen.com/news/4017252/uk-retailers-join-forces-develop-net-zero-roadmap

Football fever: Sustainability and solar-powered stadiums ⚽👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/football-fever-sustainability-solar-powered-stadiums/

What's the difference between carbon offsetting and carbon insetting?🤔

Find out in our #sustainability dictionary 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/sustainability-dictionary-the-ultimate-jargon-buster-for-businesses/

Drax biomass is sourced from responsibly managed working forests.. understand what a working forest is with this handy video 👇

As a #smallbusiness, how can you go green while saving money? Here are 6 places to start 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/6-ways-small-businesses-are-going-green-while-saving-money/

Smart meters don't change our energy consumption unless we change our behaviour… but they do help us understand it 👇

As a business, how can you create an authentic and credible sustainability policy? 🍃

In this article, Valpy Fitzgerald outlines 4 key things every business owner should be considering when establishing a sustainability policy. 👇 https://itsupplychain.com/creating-an-authentic-and-credible-sustainability-policy/

Carbon emissions have dropped dramatically across the globe as a result of #COVID19, but as lockdown eases and normality returns, how can businesses continue to be more sustainable?👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/how-can-businesses-be-more-sustainable-after-the-coronavirus-pandemic/


14 of the oddest things we've read about smart meters: How safe is your energy data?📲

In our latest blog, we debunk #SmartMeter security, data and privacy myths 🔒 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/14-odd-things-weve-read-about-smart-meter-security-data-and-privacy/

How much #renewable electricity is the UK using right now? Find out with @draxnews Electric Insights 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/how-much-renewable-electricity-are-we-using-right-now/

Have you heard of the Powering Past Coal Alliance?💡

Find out what it is, and why it's so important in our blog 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/the-powering-past-coal-alliance/


Radiation from smart meters is nowhere near strong enough to influence anybody's health. You and your pets are safe!

Consumers are increasingly aware of #sustainability and discerning when it comes to choosing who they’ll do business with and look for proof of sustainable practices... could generating your own renewable electricity help? 👇

#Renewables #SelfGeneration

Different types of #RenewableEnergy generation have different admin requirements to get them set up. The most accessible for most businesses is solar panels. ☀️

Here are the 7 steps to installing solar panels at your business 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/7-steps-to-install-solar-panels-on-your-business/

#SolarPanels #SolarPV

Your smart meter data is only used to help you understand your energy use better, and for suppliers to accurately bill you… it won't be used to stalk you 'Big Brother' style… 📲👇

Solar or wind power can help to provide a revenue stream for businesses, as excess electricity can be sold to an energy company through a mechanism called a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Export Tariff...👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/why-your-business-should-consider-generating-its-own-renewable-electricity/

#RenewableGeneration #UKBiz

Research shows that work-related travel accounts for over a third of total emissions from passenger transport – 24% from commuting and 13% from travel in the course of business. 🚘

Can you be more #sustainable by limiting your business travel?💭


Future gazing: Where will the energy industry be in 2050? 💡 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/future-gazing-where-will-the-energy-industry-be-in-2050/

#UKEnergy #FutureOfEnergy

Did you know Opus Energy's parent company, Drax Group is one of the 100 signatories to the Powering Past Coal Alliance? Find out more about it here 👇


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