Why choose Opus’s Graduate Recruitment Scheme

There are many choices and opportunities available to students after graduating. While many students choose to go directly into the job market others may have secured positions from their part-time internships and placements. Students looking for a new challenge and a competitive edge often turn towards graduate placements and there are a number of reasons for this.

Typical graduate schemes last anywhere between 3 to 36 months and offer great benefits for professional development. Other perks, from pension schemes to private health care, act as drawing factors. These schemes will typically have 3 stages to the application process. Read on for more benefits.

Great opportunities

Graduate programmes offer great opportunities for fast career progression. Most of these schemes exist to train the future managers, seniors and team leaders. This often means that by the end of the scheme individuals find themselves in respectable managerial positions.


Graduates receive training throughout the entire duration of their graduate scheme. Whilst some companies do not offer much flexibility within their schemes, some like Opus Energy offer graduates training in every job role within their company department. This provides graduates with a rounded education of the industry and a wealth of relevant experience. It also teaches flexibility, adaptability and improved management skills.

Career development

For young people all of the training received offers a great chance to develop their careers. Graduate schemes provide a great deal knowledge and experience which are an asset to your CV. Moving around different positions teaches invaluable skills for any future professionals.

Informed choices

Graduate placements which offer the flexibility for graduates to move through departments allow an informed choice of profession upon completion. Effectively this provides the freedom to choose and shape your career path.


While there are a substantial number of graduate positions and schemes available, choosing the right one for you is crucial. Selecting a graduate placement suited to your degree and capabilities will maximise your enjoyment and the benefit you take from it. Consider the following when choosing a graduate scheme:

  • Size of the company: whether you envisage being part of a gigantic business or a company with only 150 employees don’t forget that, regardless of size, both will have specific benefits to offer to their employees.
  • Culture: think about what office environment you want to work in. Not everyone wants to work in a tie and a briefcase environment. Find yourself a company whose ethics and culture match your own.
  • Location: companies offer various locations for their graduate schemes. Consider whether you are willing to relocate and whether you can afford living somewhere else. There will be multiple challenges, do your research to ensure you make an informed choice.
  • Travel: Some employers offer the chance for graduates to travel. If you love travelling, or consider travelling an essential part of your future role look for a company who can fulfil this for you.

To get the best start in your graduate career first you have to consider what it is that you want. Not everybody can secure a placement and not everybody will be able to secure an entry level position. Choose according to your capabilities, motivation and future goals.


Opus Energy is a business energy supplier, with thousands of customers across the UK. For more information about how you can join their team via their graduate scheme, visit: http://www.opusenergy.com/about-us/careers/graduates/

Opus Energy turbocharges infrastructure to keep pace with record growth

Energy supplier Opus Energy has upgraded its infrastructure as it looks to offer all of its products and services digitally by 2020, a milestone in its digital vision.

The B2B energy supplier has undergone the transformation, in partnership with managed services and cloud provider ANS, at its four offices providing it with the almost unlimited scalability and flexibility of cloud computing. This will allow it to take new services to market quicker than ever before and respond more efficiently to customer needs and business demands. It also became one of the first UK businesses to rollout Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) technology optimising traffic through a hybrid WAN architecture.

Opus Energy, a supplier of electricity and gas, operates solely in the B2B market and is the largest independent supplier within this market. It has been exceeding forecasted growth meaning that the current infrastructure no longer provided the scalability needed for the 700 staff members across its four offices.

Paul Sweeney, CEO of ANS Group said, “Opus Energy has been growing at a record rate and the only challenge was having the technology to keep up.  Opus Energy differentiates itself from the big six energy suppliers with an agile approach.  This investment provides Opus Energy with the ability to be reactive to changes in the market and products it offers in such a fast moving environment.”

The infrastructure project is the first step in Opus Energy’s digital strategy that it is rolling out over the next few years.

IT Director at Opus Energy, Alex Sena said, “Industries are being disrupted by what is happening in the digital world and this is about making sure we are fully prepared.  We now have a system that is completely scalable and can handle linear and non-linear growth.  This investment is a significant step up for us, it means that across our four offices we now have consistency in provision and service for all users.”

The infrastructure now allows each of Opus Energy’s offices to operate and function independently minimising any downtime and boosting disaster recovery plans.

Alex Sena explained,

“Previously our setup throughout the four offices was heavily reliant on the main office in Northampton so should we have lost that one office we would effectively have lost all four.

“The infrastructure now means we are no longer hampered by technology so our developers can bring new products to market quicker than ever before: for example this has given our developers the support and environment they need to accelerate the evolution of our customer portal with the ability to scale new products as they grow.”

Opus Energy has been listed in the Sunday Times Top Track 250 for four consecutive years and was listed position 39 in October 2014.

The Energy Bulletin: In the news September 2015

By sarah.musgrove@opusenergy.com (Sarah Musgrove)

Hits to the UK’s renewable energy generation sector have been the main talking point this month, despite a better-than-ever recorded amount of renewable electricity. Plus, the oil and gas industries are forced to make even further cuts, including many job losses. It’s all here in this month’s Energy Bulletin news round-up.

Source:: The Energy Bulletin: In the news September 2015