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Fan Club is a UK first, and South Wales and Yorkshire are just the start.

"Our aim is for every community to one day have local green energy that's cheaper when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining" -Zoisa, 🐙 Director of Generation


Local green energy is the future. We’re massive fans 😎
Introducing Octopus Fan Club: ⚡️ from our turbines, for your homes.
Our two turbines in South Wales and Yorkshire can give locals up to 50% off their power when it’s super windy 🍃
Find out more @ http://octopus.energy/octopus-fan-club/

Want more #VintageVoltage? Watch our bonus episode!

We teamed up with @elecclassiccars to pull off the fastest petrol➡️electric car transformation ever done – turning a classic beetle into a Volts-Wagen in 24hrs 😱🐞🔌
Here's a sneak peek. Watch in full 👉https://youtu.be/C5vJbBkuGaA

Tech is driving the global green revolution 🇩🇪💚⚡️ Increasingly, renewable energy = cheap energy and people should benefit from that.

@g__j spoke to @IKarabasz at @handelsblatt #HBEnergie, a huge German energy conference, about the system of the future.


„Energy has been a sleepy sector for hundred years“, sagt Greg Jackson (@g__j), Founder and CEO @octopus_energy. #HBEnergie

Doing the washing & drying late this evening to avoid the higher prices during the day on @octopus_energy Agile tariff today. The financial incentive works as we've never been so focused on switching things off! @g__j Looking forward to cheaper prices in the summer!

The future is here with ⚡️ POWERLOOP ⚡️ our EV vehicle2grid pilot.

@YoungEVDriver can reduce strain on the grid by charging up on greener electrons off-peak, and use his car as a giant battery pack to power his home off-grid during the busiest/most polluting times of day.


It’s alive! Currently powering my house! Big thanks to Alan today! Working in the pouring rain! @octopus_energy @OctopusEV

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