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Triad Season 2015-2016


The Triad demand season has started! The National Grid Triad demand season has started and that we’ll be sending our cliennts alert and cancellation communications over the next few months. To sign up email or visit our Intelligence area. When we think that there is likely to be a Triad reached on a day we’ll send you an email alert with the date and time of the...

View from the Energy Traders


“Given the dark clouds descending on London today, I was a bit surprised to see gas demand open up at 223MCM, which was a bit lower than forecast yesterday for today. It seems that exports are a little lower at 15MCM, temps are set to increase on the continent, but remain no better than seasonal norm for the foreseeable future in the UK. Yikes. Interestingly Rough curtailed withdrawals last night...

The view from the Energy Trading Desk


“Well we mentioned last week that there was a bout of colder weather on its way, daytime it’s pleasant enough but the chilly evenings have resulted in demand ticking back up above the 200MCM mark, the system is a bit short in consequence although LNG and Holford have both notably stepped up, whilst Rough also flicked on into the afternoon session – given the w/d premium to the front months...

View from the energy trading desk


“Gas system balanced around the 197MCM mark – 10MCM below SND, bit more vol through Langeled as maintenance at Dunkerque redirects some continent bound flows. Troll back on the 28th should in any event boost throughput here and also trim IUK exports by the same measure. Still bearish here. The outlook also unsurprisingly remains fairly dire in the EZ with Mfg. & Services PMI data...

View from the trading desk


“The gas system and linepack have remained short all day but this has provided little support to gas pricing. Gas contracts across the curve opened higher this morning with buoyant oil pricing but have fallen throughout the day to make their lows at the time of writing. The front month NBP contract is off circa a penny from the open at 45.25p while the benchmark Winter’15 contract is off 0.6p at...

View from the energy trading desk – 15th April


“There was marginal volatility on the UK gas market today as supply demand forecast for the Day Ahead contract points to rather sideways price direction. The decision of Dutch court  to  halt production only  for Loppersum field, where production was already limited to 3bcm a year, moved NBP prices strongly down yesterday. Prices today corrected slightly upwards as demand for coming days...

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