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@Woodmeister76 @IresaEnergy Yes I agree, I was first became a customer over a year ago and was almost driven to despair with their continuing bad service, even to the point when I cancelled my DD. However, I believe that Ofgem game then a wake up call and things have definitely improved.

@IresaEnergy I know you have had terrible customer service ratings in the past ( I have experienced it myself ) and that is being addressed but just wanted to say that today I experienced excellent service, thanks!

@TonyPart13 @IresaEnergy They have improved their service over the last few months probably since Ofgem became involved. I had been at my wits end but have given them a last chance. Hopefully the improvement will continue and will continue so to do.

Don’t forget the fastest way to submit a meter reading is through your online account at this link: (3/3)

Customers can contact BlueSky by phone, text or email to submit readings as well as to make or cancel appointments. A letter will be sent to you including their contact details. (2/3)

Dear Iresa Customers.
Iresa have appointed BlueSky Metering as our new meter read agent. They will be contacting customers on our behalf to obtain meter readings. (1/3)

Iresa is actively working to fix the issues raised by Ofgem. We are confident that our customers will see a noticeable improvement in our customer service response times and we apologise to customers who we have let down in the past. (2/3)

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