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The low carbon league table: Which countries are on track for #COP26? 💡

Take a look at this animation that shows how coal fell from 30% to just 2%, while renewables rose from 8% to 42% over the last 10 years 🍃
Learn more:

"Data shared from smart meters goes through national security-grade encryption. It’s in safe hands." says Bjoern Reinke, our resident #smart expert 👇

Haven Power customers can now stay in control of their electricity – even if you’re not at work – with our new mobile app 📲 Find out more about Energy Assistant and how to download here 👇

The road to #NetZero is not a straightforward one, and getting your business to #ZeroCarbon emissions might feel out of reach. That’s why we’ve created this ebook 📖

Our ebook presents seven steps that your business can work through ⬇️

Supporting the government’s ten point plan for climate change, whilst levelling up the economy. 5/5

By embracing bioenergy with carbon capture and storage and flexible technologies liked pumped hydro storage we will enable the UK’s power system to evolve and provide the secure and sustainable electricity supplies a zero carbon economy needs. 4/5

We share the Government’s ambition to go even further. 3/5

For its part Drax has drastically reduced its carbon emissions by 85% as a result of transforming the power station in North Yorkshire to use sustainable biomass instead of coal making it the largest decarbonisation project in Europe. 2/5

How are suppliers using #SmartMeters? From price increases to blackmailing, our expert, Bjoern, busts some of the oddest myths we've read ⬇️

It’s now been over 6 months since the coronavirus lockdown began at the end of March 2020. What has the pandemic done to Britain's #ElectricityMarket? ⚡

Sustainability has increased in importance since the start of the pandemic 🌎

Understand how business leaders are feeling with our research findings ➡️

From Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ➡️ to ➡️ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG): How your #business should be reporting sustainability 👇

With our new mobile app, Energy Assistant, customers can:
👉 Be prepared for the following month’s bill
👉 Spot and stop unusual energy use
👉 See where you can save and how effective your actions can be

What's carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), how does it work, and why is it important in the fight against the climate crisis?💡

With #SmartMeters and artificial intelligence (AI), energy suppliers can detect anomalies in your energy consumption 📈 This allows you to pinpoint spikes, outages, or unusual activity and identify the cause ⬇️

The last Targeted Charging Review (TCR) was published in November 2019 and established several changes. See what they are, and how they'll affect your business ⬇️

Public sector businesses have a significant role to play in the economic, social, and environmental recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. How can yours emerge from COVID-19 as a more #SustainableBusiness?

Reacting and reforecasting: How #energy suppliers have responded to COVID-19 ⬇️

Haven Power customers can now stay in control of their electricity – even if you’re not at work – with our new mobile app 📲

Find out more about Energy Assistant and how to download here: ⬇️

Unilever was one of the first major companies to embrace #sustainability 🍃 Since the launch of their Sustainable Living Plan, their 26 Sustainable Living brands have grown 46% faster than other brands and are responsible for 70% of the company’s growth ⬇️

The #SmartGrid will help the National Grid by supporting the introduction of intermittent and decentralised energy production that comes with #renewable source 🌬️🌞 But it'll benefit your business, too:

Last month we generated 3300 kWh of energy from our #SolarPanels 🌞

See what that's equivalent to in CO2, trees planted and #EV miles...

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