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We use the force of the wind to drive turbines, which in turn make #electricity and fills up the UK's energy grid with beautiful, clean, renewable energy. #GreenEnergy

"Clean recovery investments are good for jobs and good for the environment – and what’s more, the public agree”

The @Guardian reports on the IMF's call for a green recovery and our analysis showing 1.6 million jobs can be created 🏡🌿👩‍⚕️🚄♻️

The PM uses a new three word slogan as he unveils his plan to accelerate infrastructure projects, fueling jobs and economic recovery. "Build back better, build back greener, build back faster and to do that at the pace that this moment requires." #NewDeal

One of the simplest tips that can help us save water is to turn the tap off whilst brushing our teeth. Running the tap unnecessarily can use around 6 litres of water per minute. That's huge if we think of the annual usage, isn't it? #savewater #sustainabletips 💦

News from the UK: The chairs of the Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy Committee and the Environmental Audit Committee urge the chancellor to use the Covid-19 recovery package to boost #lowcarbon industries. #Greenrecovery #BuildBackBetter

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#InThisTogether #Trustpilot #GreenEnergy #ZeroHeros

Here's the @theCCCuk latest #ProgressReport to Parliament and its recommendations that require urgent attention. #NetZero #CutEmissions #ClimateChange @fionaharvey

Anaerobic digestion is a process where micro-organisms break down organic material in the absence of any oxygen to produce methane and carbon dioxide-rich #biogas. This can be burnt to produce energy and the nutrient-rich solids left after digestion can be used as a fertiliser!

There are many lessons to be learned from this current crisis and we should be more conscious than ever about the changes needed to achieve cleaner air in our country.
@Nicola_Slawson @DrGaryFuller @Breathe_London
#AirPollution #TheAirWeBreathe @lunguk

We want to thank everyone out there who’s making a difference in helping the UK reach #NetZero carbon emissions. These are the everyday people who are helping us all live better and healthier by tackling climate change.

Thank you to our #ZeroHeroes

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Britain's #CoalFree record ended at 67 days when the @Draxnews power station brought one of its coal units online for a series of maintenance tests, during which time it added some power to the national grid. Credit 👉@HarryCockburn

Our sun; the perfect distance from earth, allowing us to take the light and convert it into power. Amazing! ☀️⚡

#SolarPower #RenewableEnergy #Solar #GreenEnergy

After spending £3.5 bn of public funds on polluting projects since signing the Paris accord, the #UK considers steps to end its ongoing financial support. We need a sustainable economy and a sustainable future for us and for our planet. 👉 @JH_Ambrose

Renewable energy is crucial in the fight against the climate crisis.

Find out how climate friendly your area is by checking how your local council is performing on renewable energy:


Our EKO Energy Tariff comes from genuinely sustainable sources - meaning that all energy farms have to ensure they work to minimise their impact on the surrounding environment. #sustainable #greenenergy @EKOenergy_

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We love seeing people like you having a positive impact on the environment. 👏

#Sustainability #GreenChoices #Trustpilot #BuildBackBetter

Research by the @LGAcomms shows demand for green energy jobs in the UK will rapidly increase by 2030.
Article by @theconradduncan

In our society, it's so common to just throw away items when they no longer work or break. But why not learn how to fix it? It's more environmentally friendly and cheaper. And when it can't be repaired anymore, be creative and turn it into something else 🛠️#ecofriendlytips

At midnight, on Wednesday, the #UK will have gone 2 full months without burning coal to generate power ⚡⚡That's absolutely incredible 👏Less coal, less harm to the natural world. 🙏 #CoalFree #GreenRecovery by @BBCJustinR

Rainwater harvesting is one of the easiest and most energy-efficient ways of saving water. A water butt is a good way to collect and store this amazing gift from our Mother Nature that can later be used within the home and garden. #watersaving #nature #ecofriendlytips 💦

It’s #WorldOceansDay! Share if you agree that our oceans need protecting every day of the year. ✊

It’s home to a million species, provides food for a billion people, and has absorbed a third of all carbon ever produced!

Some speechless snapshots of #UK nature and wildlife from @WWF on #WorldEnvironmentDay 🐝🦗🐁 It has been celebrated every year since 1974 to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. This year's theme is #Biodiversity. 👉

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