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If you want your business to do more for the environment, changing to a green tariff is one of the simplest steps you can take. Did you know, we’re the first supplier in the UK to do 100% Green Gas? #greengas #makeachange #greenbusiness #greenenergyuk

Wouldn't it be amazing if historians looked back at 2020 as the point humans managed to change our distructive trajectory? Maybe it would be referred to as the Lockdown Legacy. #GreenRecovery

A survey of finance ministries & central bankers shows that a #GreenRecovery can produce higher returns on public spending and create more jobs, compared to the alternative of pouring stimulus cash into the fossil fuel economy. @fionaharvey explains more

It's so wonderful to hear that you've been with us for so long.
Together we can achieve a greener future for the #UK, powered by clean and renewable energy. Thank you! 🙏🌳#trustpilot #inthistogether #greenerUk #renewableenergy

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Clean Growth Fund! CGF is the UK’s newest venture capital fund dedicated to investing in the most promising innovative clean tech companies.

Here are 5 reasons why to switch to glass storage containers: because are made from #sustainable resources, are easy to be cleaned, have multi-purpose use, last a very long time and are safe at various temperatures. #ecotips #sustainability #zerowaste #switchtoglass #ecoliving

Global CO2 emissions are set for their biggest fall since WWII because of the coronavirus pandemic. They could drop by 7.5% in 2020, finds first peer-reviewed analysis of covid-19 impact on emissions. Study by @Peters_Glen, @clequere and team:

“Renewable power sources are likely to emerge from the current doldrums victorious, experts agree, while the outlook for household bills, and dirtier energy such as coal and gas, is less bright.” by @EdClowes

Around 13 of the UK’s #bee species are now extinct and 35 others are under threat of extinction. Let's learn how to love and protect these tiny and vital pollinators by offering them an important place in our gardens and our lives 🐝#WorldBeeDay #SaveTheBees #BeeFriendly

#UK has become more attractive to #renewable energy investors, says report. Article by @JH_Ambrose

38 days, 16 hours, and counting without #coal powered electricity on the #UK grid. #Renewables prove a shining success during the #Covid19 pandemic via @FinancialTimes

As a nation we have proven ability to radically change, saving the lives of the vulnerable and protecting our most precious asset, the #NHS. What are the lessons from this once-in-a-lifetime experience, that we can learn so we can protect our greatest asset; the planet?

Businesses and environmental organisations are urging the government to prioritise a #greenrecovery from #COVID19 investing in #renewables, #green public transport, climate-friendly agriculture and restore ecosystems.

Thank you so much for your review. Great to hear you are pleased with our services! 🙏🌳🌍 #greenenergyuk #happycustomer #realgreengas #trustpilotreview #thankyou

An interesting interview with @theCCCuk CEO Chris Stark on how to plan a low-carbon recovery and making the best of a bad situation by @michaelholder

#Renewable energy provides a great opportunity to #BuildBackBetter a healthy, decarbonized world and a #sustainable future for everyone. Depends on our actions now. 🍃🌍

At @green_energy_uk we like to take our energy further. So we've made sure all the #electricity from our EKO Energy Tariff is generated in locations where migrating fish are protected.

Things we've learnt here at GE UK during lock down:
It's actually really easy to organise a virtual get together no matter how far apart you live. There's no excuse not to keep in touch. #learnonething #changeonething #covid19 #family #friends

Happy 94th birthday to our inspirational ambassador Sir #DavidAttenborough!

Thank you for everything you do to help protect our planet. 🌏

See all the measures the #UK government’s climate advisers have urged to limit the damages from #climatechange and help rebuild the UK with a stronger economy and increased resilience. #GreenRecovery #BuildBackBetter

Choosing 100% green gas significantly lowers your #carbonfootprint because it’s generated through Anaerobic Digestion; a truly #sustainable process that captures the gas released by farm, food and landfill waste (aka biomethane).

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