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.@DavenportJuliet from @GoodEnergy at the #ClimateActionLab

'#Innovation is about changing the whole system to one that ultimately benefits society" #BuildBackBetter

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Our CEO and Founder @DavenportJuliet is currently speaking to @HawkwoodCFT for their #ClimateActionLab about how we #BuildBackBetter.

Catch the live stream here:

#ClimateActionLab starts tomorrow! Re-imagining ways to limit our impact on our planetary resources in the decade #BuildBackBetter. Sign up free:
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Have you been finding comfort in baking bread in lockdown?

@shouldibake will tell you when to get your bun in the oven, based on the carbon intensity of the UK grid.

You can even ask Alexa, 'should I bake?'

We loave it 👌🍞 (sorry)

In the first of our 'in conversations' with #energy leaders @DavenportJuliet of @GoodEnergy talks to @KinghamEI about not working with all-male boards, leading from home, longterm lessons from lockdown & being Michael Fish.
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You can catch @DavenportJuliet speak to @lucysiegle alongside @angelafrancisuk, @ChrisGPackham, Philip Akello from @christian_aid and @HollyWildChild right now on @TheCCoalition’s #TheTimeisNow panel on #GreenRecovery.

Our CEO and Founder, @DavenportJuliet, will be at #TheTimeIsNow tomorrow, discussing why we urgently need a green recovery, alongside @ChrisGPackham and @lucysiegle. Tune in at 10am here:

📣 #TheTimeIsNow Main Stage Line-Up 📣 Not only will there be over 100 MP meetings on the day, we’re excited to announce a jam packed day of online events alongside those meetings. Tune in to hear from @lucysiegle @celspellman @gillians_voice, and more amazing guests!

Today is @sizeofwales' #GoGreenDay.

One thing you can do to go green is switch to genuine clean power with Good Energy.

Use the code SIZE WALES for £50 credit and a £50 donation towards their mission to sustain an area of rainforest the Size of Wales!

What are you doing for #GoGreenDay?
Beth ydych chi'n ei wneud am Diwrnod Gwyrdd? Rhannwch gyda #GoGreenDay
#fridaymorning #FridayMotivation #quiz #climate #action


⚡️We are very pleased to let you know that @goodenergy, the clean energy company, has increased its share in Zap-Map.

Shared mission and combined resources = more innovative yet simple solutions for EV drivers!⚡️


Today we are announcing that we have increased our stake in the UK's go-to electric vehicle app @zap_map to a majority share.

We can't wait to work with Zap-Map on the next stage of the journey to #electricvehicles ⚡️🚙

With its diverse coastline, the UK has a unique opportunity for #TidalPower.

Now is the time to #TurnTheTide and make it part of our #GreenRecovery.

💚⚡️@GoodEnergy offers 100% #renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas.

Be even #greener in 2020 – switch to them using the code ‘SA2020’ and they’ll add £50 credit to your energy account and donate £50 to us!

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A-Z of Everything Directory: Good Energy

@GoodEnergy provide sustainably sourced 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas.

Find out more -

I have joined the brilliant artists and creative organisations in signing this letter from our partners @JuliesBicycle calling for a #GreenRecovery.

The arts have such an important role in shaping our future.


Join @navroopsahdev as she discusses ‘Business model innovation to drive sustainable growth,’ alongside @alangreenberg, @kcforus & @DavenportJuliet at 3:30pm BST on 24th June at #MBMissionPossible.

To register:

#MeaningfulBusiness #innovation #growth

You want to fight #climatechange, so you switch to a renewable electricity supplier.

But what if we told you your money is still going towards fossil fuels and nuclear power?

This is how companies are #greenwashing your energy tariff.

The transition to a net-zero society could boost the UK economy by £90bn, according to the WWF – another reason to put renewables at the heart of a post-coronavirus recovery
#BrandsOfInspiration content supported by @GoodEnergy

The legacies we inherit create the opportunities - and crises - we are living out today. So what will future generations say of the legacies that we are leaving for them?
Here’s a new animation to set us on the path of becoming Good Ancestors.

Hi @professorgreen 👋

Saw your IG, here's our pitch:

- Only energy supplier which matches 100% of your usage with clean power direct from renewable generators
- Highest green rating from Which?
- Endorsed by Friends of the Earth & Ethical Consumer


We've killed off coal.

Gas, we've coming for you next.


The creative arts have a key role in supporting climate justice. Our partners at @JuliesBicycle have put together a guide on how we can all play a part too:

A low carbon and renewable energy economy could create 700,000 jobs by 2030, and 1.18m by 2050.

Why wouldn't we do that?

#BuildBackBetter #GreenRecovery

Tonight at midnight the UK will have gone two months without coal.

@DavenportJuliet has the bubbly ready in the fridge 🍾

#coalfree #deathofcoal #keepitintheground

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