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Reinventing Energy: Advancing Renewables & Smarter Energy With Machine Intelligence


By 2020, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar will be cheap and easy to manage. Technological advances, environmental concerns and political backing will drive their adoption around the world. Renewable energy is entering a virtuous circle, with rising investment (over £15.2bn in the UK last year alone) and greater deployment bringing down costs. There is no better evidence of that...

Brexit and Carbon Energy


Brexit and Carbon Energy The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has caused a ripple of uncertainty across the globe. One area that could see a big shakeup is the UK’s position on carbon energy. Legal news site Lexology states that the UK was considered one of the more ambitious proponents of energy regulation, but that its role in energy policy has diminished worldwide after the vote. This...

EVI-g hits record high as gas price collapses


The Energy Volatility Index for wholesale gas, EVI-g, has hit a record high of 120%.  This is almost 50% higher than at any time since the Index began in 2015. This morning, prompt gas contracts are trading lower, amid an oversupplied UK gas market. The intraday system is c.25mcm long, with high LNG nominations, coupled with healthy UKCS supplies. Total NBP supply is nominated at c.213mcm...

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