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Thursday 26th July 2018 – Energy Solutions Daily Update


The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has published their monthly and annual prices of road fuels and fuels used for home heating today, alongside annual estiamtes of electricity/gas bills, household and business expenditure and energy consumption across the UK, and an index of the prices of crude oil. NGP (National Gas and Power) has stopped trading and is now unable to...

Tuesday 24th July 2018 – Energy Solutions Daily Update


HomeBiogas, a waste-to-energy energy solution company based in Israel, has recieved an investment from ENGIE through “ENGIE New Venutres”. The technology seen from HomeBiogas could bring households clean, reliable energy from food waste, with the current HomeBiogas 2.0 model having reached customers in over 90 countries. The easly to assemble household biogas digestor could...

Thursday 19th July 2018 – Energy Solutions Daily Update


The Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm, the largest Scottish offshore wind farm, has began exporting power to the National Grid for the first time starting today. The first 7MW turbine was successfully installed, a key point in the final development phases of the windfarm, and further turbines are expected to go up to complete the entire windfarm’s energy generation potential in 2019 Spring. The...

Friday 6th July 2018 – Energy Solutions Daily Update


E.ON has recieved the approval for a new windfarm project that has been in design for several years since the proposal in 2012. The site is planned to have 9 turbines and engineers predict that they will be able to produce 32.4MW of electricity. The windfarm will be constructed and operated east of Carsphairn in Dumfries & Galloway SSE and M&S energy will no longer be partners as a...

Wednesday 4th July 2018 – Energy Solutions Daily Update


ENGIE has aquired Flashnet, a Romanian company specialising in smart lighting inteliLIGHT. In 2005, Flashnet was established as a tech company deep in the research and development of intelligent energy management systems through IT, telecommunications technologies and energy. Public smart lighting is active in over 500 cities and 1.3 million lighting points across Europe and America. This...

Monday 2nd July 2018 – Energy Solutions Daily Update


Congratulations to Leena Nair and Nigel Boardman, the new non-exectutive board members at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy of the Goverment, as announced today by Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark. Their oversight and knowledge will be key in shaping the future of goverment policy and management. Project Tonstad, a 208 MW wind farm located in the South of Norway...

Wednesday 27th June 2018 – Energy Solutions Daily Update


Greg Clark, Business and Energy Secretary, has announced today that a deal worth over £200 million has been made with the UK nuclear sector. Growth in the nuclear power industry by innovation and research as well as the development of talented work forces and reactors should see the continued success of nuclear energy, which has been powering the UK for over 60 years. The funds will also go...

Wednesday 20th June 2018 – Energy Solutions Daily Update


ENGIE has signed away it’s stake in Glow, an energy production company with coal burning and renewable facilities across Thailand and Laos, in a share purchase agreement with Global Power Synergy Public Company Ltd. The company will still remain active and grow in the Asia-Pacific region, but with a much lower carbon footprint, in a transaction bringing net proceeds of €2.6 billion to ENGIE...

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