Statutory guidance: Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act: statutory review requirements

Updated: The guidance has been revised to encourage a more proportionate approach to the inclusion of review clauses so that they concentrate on the measures with significant impacts.

Ministers have a duty to include a statutory review provision in new secondary legislation that has a regulatory effect on business, unless it is not appropriate to do so.

This statutory guidance explains what departments need to consider when deciding whether a review provision is appropriate. It has been published to help understanding of the duty in the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015.

See the previous version of this guidance.

Statutory guidance: Feed in Tariffs (FITs) determinations

Updated: FITs year 9 determinations published

In accordance with the Feed-in Tariffs Order 2012, Articles 37 and 38, the Secretary of State has made the following determinations legally required for administration of the scheme. These relate to:

a) the percentage of electricity from each technology deemed to be exported

b) how we recompense licensees’ administrative costs (QFCs), and

c) the collar and cap range for mutualisation payments.

Generation tariffs are not affected by this administrative process.