What are MPANs and MSIDs?

This guidance clarifies the definition of Meter Point Administration Numbers (MPANs) and Metering System Identifiers (MSIDs).

Each point of entry and exit onto a Distribution System Operator’s Distribution System has an associated Metering Point and each Metering Point has an associated Administration Number (MPAN) and Metering System Identifier (MSID).

MPAN is the term used in the Master Registration Agreement (MRA), while the BSC uses the term MSID. However, as the two terms describe the same entity, they can be used interchangeably when referencing a Metering Point/Metering System.

Composition of MPANs

A full MPAN is composed of the following information:

1 Profile Type – Indicates which Profile Class the Metering Point is associated with
(Non Half Hourly customers only, the Half Hourly profile class is represented as 00).

2 Meter Timeswitch Code (MTC) – Indicates the capability of the meter and the time pattern applied for a multi-rate tariff supply and other technical information (e.g. economy 7, number of registers.)

3 Line Loss Factor Class (LLFC) – Identifies the Distribution Use of System (DUoS) Tariff and Line Loss Factor Class for the Metering Point, and hence what level of DUoS charges are payable and what electrical losses have to be accounted for in making the supply to the customer.

4 Distribution Identifier – Identifies which Distribution System Operator’s Distribution System the Metering Point is connected to.

5 Unique Reference Number – A unique number (within the Distribution System) to identify the specific Metering Point.

6 Check Digit – A number calculated from the Distribution Identifier and Unique Reference Number to provide a check digit that other systems can use to validate the above identifier and reference numbers.

The combination of items 4, 5 and 6 make up a 13-digit identifier referred to as the MPAN Core; this is used throughout systems and processes as the reference or key to a particular Metering Point.

Composition of MSIDs

The Metering System Identifier (MSID) is the same as the SVA Metering System Number in the BSC. The BSC defines a SVA Metering System Number as a two digit number to identify the Distribution System, a ten digit Unique Reference Number provided by the Distributor and a check digit.

This is therefore the same composition as the MPAN Core.


While there have in the past, been complex relationships between the Settlement MSID and the MRA MPAN, this is no longer the case. A Metering System identified by a MSID is the same entity as the Metering Point identified by an MPAN Core. Therefore the two terms are interchangeable.