Triad Season 2015-2016

The Triad demand season has started!

The National Grid Triad demand season has started and that we’ll be sending our cliennts alert and cancellation communications over the next few months. To sign up email or visit our Intelligence area.

When we think that there is likely to be a Triad reached on a day we’ll send you an email alert with the date and time of the peak demand. If you are on a pass-through contract and are able to reduce your demand at this time, you can potentially save on the cost of National Grid transmission charges. If conditions change we’ll send you an email to cancel the alert.

What are the Triads?

Triad is the name given to the periods of maximum demand during November to February each winter. This is known as the ‘Triad Season’.

National Grid takes three periods of the highest demand during this time, which have to be separated by at least 10 days, to calculate the Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges. These are typically between 5pm and 6pm and only apply to half hourly metered sites.