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Due to the Bank holiday we will be closed on Monday 25th May. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and will reopen as normal on Tuesday 26h May. If you have a gas emergency call 0800 111 999 and for power cuts please call 105.

While you’re at home more often, it may be a good time to check if you have any draughts that could mean you’re heating your house more than necessary. The most likely places to find them are around doors and windows.
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It’s always great to hear that customers are finding it easy to understand and manage their energy with us. If you need help, it’s easy to get in touch via web chat at:
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It’s definitely tempting to put the heating on more often when you’re at home all day but save on your bill by wearing an extra layer instead.
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Working from home means you are likely to use more energy than normal. It’s important to provide meter reads where possible so we can ensure your usage is accurate.
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Working from home makes it even easier to plan out your lunches so why not try batch cooking to save energy?
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We understand that this is a stressful time for many but did you also know that it’s a good time to renew? This allows you to fix your energy rates, giving you more security with your bills. It’s easy to renew online at
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If you’re a business energy customer please visit us at @PFP_Energy_B2B where advisors will be able to help with your query.
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Mon 9am
If you’re brewing up more at home, think about how much energy is wasted by filling the kettle to maximum. Save on your bill by only filling the kettle as much as you need.
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Are you a prepayment customer? We have specific advice on how to stay safe during this time.
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At PFP Energy we want to make sure we can help all customers during this time. If you’d like further information about the current situation, including financial and prepayment advice please visit our dedicated page
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Are you or someone in your household currently working from home? Save energy while boosting your mood by letting in as much natural light as possible.
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Did you know that you can add the My Account portal to your phone or tablet home screen? You can find how to do this through our guides in the document centre:
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If you’re currently struggling with your bills we’ve provided some advice and the contact details of various organisations that may be able to help. Simply click the click below to find out more.
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An easy and quick way to get in touch with us is through our online chat support, just look for the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen
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Spending more time in the house may mean you’re using more hot water but did you know that heating water makes up around 20% of a typical household’s gas heating bill? Having quick showers where possible to can save on your energy.
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It’s important to provide meter readings so we can bill you accurately, especially if your energy habits have recently changed. It’s easy to submit reads through your online portal at
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Do you have a long-term health condition or other vulnerability? The Priority Services Register is a free service, designed to protect the most vulnerable customers in emergencies and during routine maintenance. You can read more about the register here:

Have you tried our online chat support yet? If you need to get in touch, visit our Help and Support page to speak with an agent:
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Did you know that the average home could be wasting up to £80 each year by leaving devices on standby? Switch off standby to save some money.
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Do you have a general query? So we can help all of our customers, we are asking those who can to self-serve where possible. You can do this by visiting our Help and Support page here:
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Did you know that batch cooking is not only efficient for your oven but also your freezer? Keeping a well-stocked freezer means less energy is needed to cool any warm air that may get it when you open the door.
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It’s very likely that your household is spending more time than usual indoors during the lockdown. You can save on your energy by hunting down any draughts that are such as those around windows and door frames.
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If you are in financial difficulty, we’ve put together a document on our website which is filled with advice about how we can help. Simply visit
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Due to the bank holidays, we will be closed Friday 10th April-Monday 13th April. For information about available help during COVID-19 visit our page:
For gas emergencies please call 0800 111999 or for power cuts please call 105.
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