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What's the smart grid, what makes it sustainable, and how can your business benefit?


6 ways you can go green while saving money:
🏢 Making small changes in the workplace
🚘 Choosing the right vehicle
📲 Using a smart meter
💡 Going #renewable
🌞 Investing in #renewable
⛓️ and looking at your supply chain.

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These three #UKbusinesses that have made #sustainability the core element of their growth strategy, proving that a focus on sustainability can be a springboard for success 🍃

Business owners are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability due to the coronavirus pandemic. 61% believe the sustainability agenda will increase for their customers in the next 12 months 👉

The future of the planet is everyone’s business 🌎 Yet almost a fifth of SMEs say that #sustainability is not a big enough issue for them or their customers 👇

We’re pleased to support The Prince of Wales’ @TheSMI #TerraCarta, signed by our CEO Will Gardiner @ddwg.
Calls for ‘Scaling up research, innovation and investment into carbon capture’ including engineered solutions inc. BECCS & #NegativeEmissions. #SMI

Great numbers from the @OFGEM Consumer Perception Survey! Over 70% of consumers are happy with their #SmartMeter! Are you part of the revolution?

It’s our priority to keep customers and colleagues safe during the UK’s COVID-19 restrictions., so all our colleagues, including customer service are home-based. The best ways to get in touch are by calling us on 0843 227 2377 ☎️ (1/4)

When it comes to your #sustainability journey, setting ambitious but realistic KPIs will give you clear objectives and can help you to obtain measurable data. Simple changes include adopting smart meters and ensuring your energy supply is #renewable 👇

What does it mean when your supplier offers 100% renewable power, and how does getting #RenewableEnergy from them actually work?💭👇

#BusinessEnergy #EnergySupply

Think #sustainability isn't a big enough issue for your customers?🤷

Research has found 77% of Brits have switched, avoided or boycotted grocery brands because of their environmental policies 💭

"Data shared from smart meters goes through national security-grade encryption. It’s in safe hands," says Bjoern Reinke, our resident #smart expert 👇

What’s the Climate Change Levy (CCL) doing on your business #EnergyBill? 🤷

Get your business on the path to #sustainability success with our research-led how-to guide 📄 Download it for free now:


While Great Britain 🇬🇧 moves towards a #NetZero carbon future, the energy mix and technologies we use are changing at a rapid pace ⚡ Keep up to date with what's powering GB right now with @draxgroup Electric Insights 👉

How did the #COVID19 lockdown affect energy demand? 💭

This graph shows the daily average #electricity demand in Britain across all working days in March 📉

Find out more about about the impact lockdown had on #UKEnergy on #ElectricInsights 👇

Businesses have a responsibility to operate sustainably. And increasingly, there’s an expectation for organisations to make a positive contribution to society.

See what, and how, to measure your businesses sustainability 👉

Your shower is your business - there's no interest for any energy company to analyse at behaviour to that great a level of data. Smart meter data is only used to help you understand your energy use better, and for suppliers to ensure you're billed accurately:

We've heard some pretty odd things about smart meters, and it's time bust some myths with our resident expert, Bjoern Reinke. In our sixth episode, he looks at whether smart meters are could cause pets to get sick 🤔

Business owners are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability due to the coronavirus pandemic. 61% believe the sustainability agenda will increase for their customers in the next 12 months 👉

We partner with over 2,300 small business #RenewableEnergy generators across the UK.🗺️

Sustainable electricity is being generated by small businesses all across the UK - take a look at those we're supporting with our illustrated generation guide 👇

#SmartMeters are among the most secure and virus-proof devices you can find. They're military-grade in terms of encryption and security, so there's no need to worry about viruses 👇

In order to meet climate goals, there is a need to not only reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases into the air but actively work to remove the excess CO2 currently in the atmosphere. Find out everything you need to know about #NegativeEmissions:

For the third consecutive year, our electricity is 100% #renewable 🔌🍃

See the breakdown of our sources:

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