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We heard that smart meters only reduce consumption by 2%. So, we passed this to Bjoern Reinke who's our resident expert on all things #smart. Here's what he had to say:

Two thirds of SME business owners say they're more environmentally focussed following COVID-19 outbreak. How has your focus shifted since lockdown?


Heard of the renewable energy source supporting the zero-carbon transition?

Find out everything you need to know about biomass in our blog 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/biomass-the-renewable-energy-source-supporting-the-zero-carbon-transition/

#Biomass #RenewableEnergy

Brands with a genuine commitment to sustainable practice often perform better financially than their competitors. 🍃

Understand the benefits of an authentic #sustainability policy here 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/authentic-sustainability-policy/

72% of our #renewable electricity comes from wind power🌬️... but what about the rest? https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/where-does-opus-energys-energy-come-from/

#RenewableEnergy #Renewables

Radiation from smart meters is nowhere near strong enough to influence anybody's health. You and your pets are safe!

The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread disruption to the UK economy and has turned our daily lives upside down. But in the face of adversity, some businesses have managed to reinvent themselves...👇

#SME #UKBusiness

The Powering Past Coal Alliance: What is it, and why is it so important? 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/the-powering-past-coal-alliance/


Smart meter data is something really personal, really private to you, and it’s supposed to help you understand better how you’re using energy. It will never be sold on to third parties:


Did you know the host nation of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar, has committed to a #CarbonNeutral world cup?🏆

These are some of the football clubs paving the way ⚽👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/football-fever-sustainability-solar-powered-stadiums/football

Did you know we partner with over 1,100 Solar PV sites, buying their excess electricity and supplying it in turn to our business customers?

Take a look at some of our other #RenewableEnergy generator partners: https://www.opusenergy.com/blog/supporting-uk-based-renewable-power-our-illustrated-generation-guide/

#SolarPV #SolarEnergy

Where can you make changes to reduce your business' #CarbonFootprint?👣

Here are 4 places to start 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/four-ways-to-decarbonise-your-workplace/

#Decarbonisation #SustainableBusiness

The most proactive way that businesses can support the renewable energy revolution, and reduce their own environmental impact, is by investing directly in #RenewableEnergy technology and generating their own energy. ⬇️ https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/why-your-business-should-consider-generating-its-own-renewable-electricity/

As the number of electric vehicles on the road increases, it could be a pragmatic move for your business to move with the times by looking into offering EV services. Here's why 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/how-to-provide-electric-vehicle-charging-at-your-business/

#EVs #ElectricVehicles

In our latest #BrighterBusiness article, we share three UK businesses that have made sustainability the core element of their growth strategy, proving that a focus on sustainability can be a springboard for success 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/3-successful-businesses-that-started-small-and-stayed-sustainable/

#SustainableBusiness #UKBusiness

Smart meters don't emit harmful radiation - The energy emitted by smart meter communication equipment is weaker than your microwave or mobile phone… Your smart meter is safe!

Future gazing: Where will the energy industry be in 2050? 💭


Some energy tariffs are smart-only because of the benefits of smart meters - you're not getting blackmailed!


Mapping out your journey to sustainability needn't be complicated. Start off with why sustainability is important to your business: https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/authentic-sustainability-policy/

#SustainbleBusiness #Sustainability #SustainablePolicy

Your #SmartMeter data is only used to help you understand your energy use better, and for suppliers to accurately bill you… it won't be used to work out when you shower!

From carbon offsetting and carbon insetting to carbon neutral and carbon negative... when it comes to #sustainability, it helps to know the lingo. 💬 We've got you covered with our sustainability dictionary: the ultimate jargon buster for businesses 👇 https://www.opusenergy.com/brighter-business/sustainability-dictionary-the-ultimate-jargon-buster-for-businesses/

Did you know that smart meters are also available to microbusinesses? 📟

Contact your energy supplier to see if you're eligible for an installation.

“Overall it’s very important for us to run a sustainable business and by moving to a #SmartMeter we will be able to reduce our energy waste and know exactly what we are using, allowing us to improve our carbon footprint, with the added bonus of reducing our energy bills"

Smart meters can be really useful for microbusinesses during these challenging times, when every penny counts. Here's what Josh from Syrup Room has to say👇

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