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Pros & cons of virtual standup comedy

✅ The only thing you’re spreading is joy 🦠
❌ Over Zoom, EVERYONE is in the front row 👀

Huge thanks to @EshaanAkbar who came to our team family dinner and made us all howl via Zoom standup broadcast 🙌

🤜🤛 @LeicsComedyFest & @BigDiffCo

After mths of bargainous electricity, Agile spiking a bit today. Great to see discussions about this, because it's not just about cheap/free electricity when it's green and abundant, but helping reduce usage when dirty/scarce. Great community leading way to renewable future!

We’re so lucky to be teaming up with the brilliant @LeicsComedyFest to support UK comedians and share laughs during a weird, sometimes bleak few months.

They’re linking us up w some great comedians to perform virtual standup sets at our whole 700+ team ‘family dinners’ 👏🎙🤣

Leics Comedy Fest@LeicsComedyFest

Thrilled to have formed a partnership with @octopus_energy to support comedians from across the UK, provide entertainment for employees and make a donation to support the Festival, which is produced by registered charity @Bigdiffco

A few weeks ago, our favourite smart home guy @agile_phil received mysterious grey material in the post 🔍❓
It was @NexgenHeating's cutting-edge green wallpaper 🤯
Affordable, easy to set up, and Agile integrable to run on cheap green ⚡
Find out more 👉

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