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Do you boycott everything that's ever been subsidised, Godfrey? If so you should probably get off the internet.

And actually you should stop using fossil fuels, too - they get more than double the subsidies renewables do globally. https://www.iea.org/reports/world-energy-outlook-2016

Godfrey Bloom@goddersbloom

Green energy is more expensive if you take out the subsidies
So THIS IS A LIE https://twitter.com/octopus_energy/status/1298301306139025408

"Cutting-edge innovation from energy startups is crucial to steering the UK into the bold new world of green energy" ⚡️🌎

Download @Raconteur's Climate Change report, distributed with @TheTimes 🐙

(And read our ode to green EnTech feat. @g__j on pg 13) https://www.raconteur.net/report/climate-change-2020/

Humanity is at an inflection point on climate change, and we're doing all we can to drive decarbonisation ⚡️🔌🌎

On our latest podcast, @ClemCowton and @g__j discuss the possible impact of our visit with PM @BorisJohnson and Chancellor @RishiSunak.

▶️ https://octo.ps/podcast

📣🎶 We like T Partey. We like, we like T Partey 🎶
From one @Arsenal Octopus to another, welcome to the team @Thomaspartey22 🐙🥳 #COYG

👉⚡️ http://afc.octopus.energy

We're here to do right by customers and make the world greener.

It’s an honour to've been recognised for our work doing both. It's all down to our awesome, mission-obsessed team, and our fantastic customers – thank you 👊💕🌎

#BGLAwards @BusinessGreen #UKCXAwards @awardsinter

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