Telling your business story

By Alex Madden

Many customers don’t buy a product anymore, they buy your into your company story which means you need to be on your toes and keep your story innovative.

All businesses need to tell a story and it’s a fantastic way to connect customers and potential customers to your brand. Telling your story means you have the opportunity to change how a customer perceives your company.

Make sure you are telling the right story

Sometimes the story you are telling might not always be the right one. Not everyone can afford an agency to get their message out there so it’s always good to work with a few guinea pigs. Test it out on customers, family and friends. Remember, these are your customers and will tell you the truth.

Give your company a human voice

Getting the right person to deliver your story is imperative to your companies brand. You need to figure out a common language before placing your spokesperson. Do you want your brand to be corporate or quirky, feminine or masculine. Have a think about what your business would be if it was a person.

Tell your story on social media

One fantastic thing about telling your story on social media is that you can have some control over what you say. It’s also a fantastic way of interacting with your customers and getting real time feedback.

A video can speak a thousand words

Don’t just rely on spoken and written word to tell your story, a video can sometimes do much better. You can get your story across in a 2-3 minute video rather than a 15 minute text and many people prefer to receive it in this way. Video can be produced quickly and cost-effectively, especially when you compare it to more traditional marketing materials such as printed brochures.

Remember to post videos on your social media pages as well, maximising your online audience and exposure.

The biggest advantages of using videos is that what you create will last for years and will get you more exposure with time.

Whether you tell your story online, through video or written, you need to remember to figure out WHY you are telling your story and be transparent. Make sure it has a clear message and call to action and keep it simple, there is nothing worse than confusing potential customers.

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