#mybizplan – Phil Scholes talks SME business planning

By Cassie Oliver

Phil Scholes is Head of SME Sales & Marketing at npower Business, and has over 20 years’ experience of sales and customer service in the utilities industry.

At npower Business, we are committed to helping SMEs to succeed so that their businesses can grow and prosper.

We know that as a necessary overhead, energy is one of the most significant costs for businesses to consider, so with this in mind, we’ve launched the #mybizplan campaign to support SME customers in planning their energy spend as part of their main business plan.

To highlight the importance of planning to any kind of business, we’ve undertaken some research, the findings of which have been really interesting. Certainty is key when it comes to planning and with this campaign we want to initiate a wider conversation around SMEs and business planning.

One surprising statistic that came out of our research is that as many as
42% of UK businesses don’t have any kind of business plan at all
– this combined with the economic uncertainty SMEs have been faced with over the last few years make for a precarious future for lots of UK businesses.

SME owners put their heart and soul into setting up businesses and working to make them successful, so if they fail, the effects can be devastating both financially and personally. If effective planning can spare some entrepreneurs that pain, and help them prepare for and recover from tough times, then it’s something every SME needs to be doing.

I gave a series of radio interviews last week discussing the value of business planning, and this campaign has featured in the media – we’re going all out to spread the word about how important it is for businesses to plan, however they choose to do it. For some business owners it’s enough to write a few words on a Post-it, but others prefer a more comprehensive formal presentation that gets regularly updated.

You can get involved by taking our online interactive quiz to find out what type of planner you are – www.mybizplan.co.uk
Share your results on Twitter using the #mybizplan hashtag, and join the conversation on LinkedIn too.

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