Help your SME to ‘Go Green’

By Alex Madden

As it’s National Go Green week this week it’s only fitting that we let you know how easy it is to ‘Green your business’, especially if it can help you to save money too.

Not only can some of the tips below help you to save money, but they can also help you to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out.

Here are a few of the great ways you can turn your SME green, save some money and help your bottom line:

  • Use LED Lighting – I’m sure you have heard this a thousand times over, but it really is such a simple thing to do. They might be pricier than other lights but it can save your business hundreds of pounds
  • Replace old appliances with newer more efficient ones – most businesses have that old clapped out printer in the corner or the fax machine no one uses anymore. Changing these to higher graded machines will save you money and will be quicker and easier to use than their predecessors
  • Encourage staff to walk/cycle or work from home – Even if it’s not possible every week to walk to work or cycle, encourage staff to do it for a day or two over the next couple of weeks. You never know they might enjoy it. If staff are able to do their days work at home, tell them to work from home one day a week, you’d be surprised how much more productive it can make people
  • Print less – We are all guilty of over printing. Whether it’s a tiny spelling mistake or printing off 17 packs of a presentation that people could just look at on the screen, we all do it. Set a challenge for your employees to go digital and not print for a whole week and see who can stick to it
  • Remove personal bins – this is something that we adopted a while ago. It’s amazing how much your attitude towards recycling changes when personal bins are taken away. It also encourages staff to get up and stretch their legs for a few minutes
  • Make sure everyone shuts off at night – When everyone has gone home, check that no machines/computer are left on standby. Can you believe the majority of office power is consumed when machines are on standby. It’s such a simple change to make and can save you money at the same time
  • Cover up – if your business uses any form of refrigeration you’ll know how costly it can be to run. An Energy Miser is designed to reduce the energy your chiller cabinets use and can quickly cut costs by up to 30%

By adhering to even a couple of the above tips you can potentially save your company hundreds of pounds each year. Make sure to tell your customers what you are doing and promote the fact that you are going green.

Source:: Help your SME to ‘Go Green’