Business benefits of supporting a charity

By Alex Madden

Nowadays you expect large businesses to support a charity, whether they sponsor a charity for the year, or they get involved with the community.

CSR isn’t as important to SMEs but smaller and smaller companies seem to be getting involved in charitable activity – especially when cash is tight.

Tae a look at the tips below on how your SME can create a charity partnership:

  • Choose the right cause

To make sure the partnership is the most effective it can be, you need to make sure you choose the right charity for your business. For example a business that sells toys, may choose to support a children’s charity. You also need to make sure the charity is relevant to the community in which you have a presence.

  • Get employees to take part in a group fundraiser

Whether it’s running, walking, litter picking in a local park or throwing pies at the boss, group fundraising is always a great team building exercise and it’s helping a charity at the same time.

  • Adding optional donation pages to your website

Give your customers the chance to give something back and donate an amount to a local charity every time a customer spends over a certain amount on your website. Set the donation amount to a manageable one that won’t see profit loss.

As well as creating team morale and raising vital funds for a charity, partnerships can also help SMEs in different ways.

  • Let local newspapers know about what you’re doing and send them pictures of any fundraising activities. This is free promotion for your business
  • Charity partnerships can help show customers that your business is trustworthy and ethical
  • Giving employees a chance to give back can not only help with morale, it can also help staff retention by making employees proud to work for your company

Choosing to partner with a charity can also help with marketing your business. Sponsoring a local football team or charity event can get your business name out there. So instead of paying for advertising in local papers, use the money to make a difference to your local community.

Local charities are likely to be more than happy to work with any small business interested in sponsoring an event or setting up a regular payroll deduction program for its workers.

npower has been a charity partner with Macmillan Cancer Support for the last 11 years and to date has raised over £11million for the charity and helped over 3,000 affected by cancer.

We also choose to support local charities at each of our sites and this year have taken part in events such as a sponsored bike ride, bake offs and a charity 5-a-side rugby match.

Source:: Business benefits of supporting a charity