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Is your #Business on the path to becoming #CarbonNeutral? If not, why not? We've covered some simple places to start in our free ebook ⤵️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/7-steps-to-put-your-business-on-the-path-to-carbon-neutral/

With more home and office deliveries than ever before, could pedal power be a new source of energy? 🚴


How was #ElectricityDemand impacted by #COVID19's UK lockdown? ⚡

Consumption on weekdays fell by 13% to its lowest levels since 1982 📉

Read more on @Draxnews 👉 https://www.drax.com/energy-policy/under-lockdown-every-day-is-a-sunday/

We're proud of colleagues playing their part in #SupportingOurCommunity. Earlier this month Simone, an Operational Excellence Coach here at Haven Power, staged her first live gig via Facebook to raise money for @SuffolkMind. 🎤

Driven by data, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) gives businesses a golden opportunity to manage their #EnergyUse and reduce both their costs and #CarbonFootprint.

Take a look at how #BigData is helping energy management ⬇️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/how-big-data-is-helping-energy-management/

In recent weeks, #EnergyDemand has changed a lot. For business and homes to get the energy they need, the system must be in balance - with supply matching demand. ⚖️ How does this happen?⬇️

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As #lockdown continues with many businesses forced to shut, and others made to work from home, energy demand and generation has seen a huge impact. ⤵️


#UKEnergy #UKBusiness #BusinessEnergy

Last year, Haven Power won a contract to supply all three of Ford Motor Company UK’s manufacturing locations with around 250GWh of renewable electricity per year. ⤵️

A fantastic achievement the UK should be immensely proud of. Fossil fuelled electricity has gradually fallen over the last 10 years + renewables has increased. Renewable energy now provides more power than fossil fuels. Big change is possible.
Data from http://www.electricinsights.co.uk

Today, @Draxnews released the latest Electric Insights report. Headlines include
🔒 👇Under lockdown, every day is a Sunday
⚡A final fling with coal power
💪Demand side response to the rescue
🏆Power system records
Read the full report now⬇️ https://electricinsights.co.uk/#/reports/report-2020-q1/overview?_k=e2wdaj #UKEnergy

Do you know what the #CapacityMarket is and why it's important to #UKBusinesses like yours? ⤵️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/whats-the-capacity-market-and-why-does-its-return-matter-to-businesses/

The UK energy market is changing at an incredible pace as the country moves towards a #LowCarbon future.⚡

But how does this affect your organisation? ⬇️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/how-innovation-can-help-your-business/

#UKEnergy #UKBusiness #BusinessEnergy

#Biomass is one answer that brings the security back to the UK electricity grid, helping to stabilise the system and create room for even more renewable energy sources on the system. 🌿💡

Read more ⤵️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/how-biomass-is-helping-us-along-the-way-to-a-zero-carbon-future/

#UKElectricity #ElectricityGrid #UKEnergy

New research from Nottingham Trent University claims that switching all UK cars to #ElectricVehicles would slash emissions by 12% via @edie https://www.edie.net/news/8/Switching-all-UK-cars-to-electric-vehicles-would-slash-emissions-by-12---researchers-claim/?adfesuccess=1

“We selected Haven Power as their proposal scored the highest on all requirements - quality, price, delivery and the social value elements of the package”

Take a look at how we're working as Salford City Councils #EnergyPartner ⬇️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/salford-city-council-supports-greater-manchester-climate-change-strategy-case-study/


Is your business one of the many that have #ElectricVehicles in its fleet? You might be able to benefit with on-site charging ⤵️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/5-reasons-on-site-charging-electric-vehicles/

#OnSiteCharging #EVs #UKBusiness

Understanding your reasons for switching to #EVs, your #business operational requirements and your electrical infrastructure are all things to consider before switching your fleet. Read more ⤵️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/5-questions-to-answer-before-switching-your-fleet-to-electric-vehicles/

Did you know around 90% of the #CarbonDioxide emitted from power generation or intensive processes like steel production can be captured?💭

Find out everything you need to know about #CarbonCapture, Usage and Storage (#CCUS) here ➡️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/all-you-need-to-know-about-carbon-capture-use-and-storage/

Is your energy supplier just that - a supplier - or are they an energy partner? See how we're working with Edgbaston to be their #EnergyPartner ➡️ https://www.havenpower.com/partnership-promise/

How can your business get on the road to #CarbonNeutral?💡

Our free ebook presents seven steps that your #business can work through, with practical guidance on what to do and how to do it.

Download it for free ⬇️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/7-steps-to-put-your-business-on-the-path-to-carbon-neutral/

#ZeroCarbon #NetZero

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