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Why is Grid frequency important in keeping your business power on? ⚡


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A survey commissioned by @HavenPower has found that corporate business leaders are more environmentally aware than before the #coronavirus pandemic


Ever wondered what drives the price of electricity?💰💡


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"Data shared from smart meters goes through national security-grade encryption. It’s in safe hands." says Bjoern Reinke, our resident #smart expert:

If your business is both a energy consumer and an energy generator, you could potentially increase the value of the power you sell. ⚡ Find out more: https://www.havenpower.com/news/flexibility-3-ways-demand-side-response/

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Win more business with low carbon energy:
🍃 Boost your reputation
🔒 Rest easy with security of supply
💡 Get nifty for 2050

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A survey commissioned by @HavenPower has found that corporate business leaders are more environmentally aware than before the #coronavirus #pandemic.
Read more about it in the link below.

Understanding what the latest changes in #energy may mean for your business is a major challenge. Download our latest whitepaper and mitigate the risk to your business ⬇️



How can the UK reach #NetZero by 2050? The latest scenario focuses on three key areas:
🔌 increased electrification
🧪 bioenergy and carbon capture and storage (BECCS)
💡 and the development of a hydrogen economy...

Experts predict that the pandemic is likely to lead to a rise in Third Party Costs for businesses. Understand more and download our latest whitepaper today⬇️

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How can public sector organisations get started immediately on reducing energy costs and emissions?💡

Here are 6 easy ways to start: https://www.havenpower.com/news/6-easy-ways-for-public-sector-organisations-to-cut-emissions-and-costs/


As part of the Drax Group, we're helping businesses establish and deliver upon their sustainability goals.

Watch this exclusive interview with @PaulSheffieldMD from 2019: https://www.havenpower.com/news/drax-retail-helping-businesses/

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Third Party Costs (TPCs) make of 60% of your business electricity bill. How has the coronavirus pandemic affected them?⚡

Find out: https://www.havenpower.com/news/whats-happening-with-third-party-costs/

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Planning for uncertainty: What’s happening with Third Party Costs?

Whether you run a farm, factory, office, shop or cinema, the time for action on energy efficiency is now.💡

Take a look at our sector-specific guides and get your business on the road to #NetZero carbon emissions ⤵️


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Considering switching your fleet to electric vehicles (EVs)? 🔌🚘

Here are 5 questions you should answer first ⤵️

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How has the pandemic affected Third Party Costs? Take a look at what experts predict, and download our latest whitepaper today⬇️

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Smart meters are among the most secure and virus-proof devices you can find. 📲🔒

They're military grade in terms of encryption and security, so there's no need to worry about viruses ⤵️

Issuing a business electricity contract invitation to tender (ITT) to potential new suppliers can, at first, seem somewhat daunting. To help you navigate the process, we've produced a free guide and 8-step infographic ⬇️


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While the environmental benefits of #RenewableEnergy are clear to most, the commercial advantages of being more sustainable may be less obvious.🌿

Look at some recent sustainability successes and see how renewable power could benefit your business ⬇️


Carbon Capture, Use & Storage: Everything you need to know
⬇️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/all-you-need-to-know-about-carbon-capture-use-and-storage/

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Beyond COVID-19, we need a vision to reach net zero emissions. So, where do we go from here?

Marc Bradbrook, Commercial and Energy Services Director here at Haven Power looks into what's next ⬇️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/beyond-covid-19-we-need-a-vision-to-reach-net-zero-emissions/

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Experts predict that the coronavirus pandemic is likely to lead to a rise in Third Party Costs for businesses. Read more:

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Driven by data, the Industrial Internet of Things (#IIOT) gives businesses a golden opportunity to manage their #energy use and reduce both their costs and carbon footprint.📲

Find out more ⬇️ https://www.havenpower.com/news/how-big-data-is-helping-energy-management/

We've heard some pretty odd things about smart meters, and it's time bust some myths with our resident expert, Bjoern Reinke. In our third episode, he looks at whether smart meter data is going to be sold to healthcare companies so they can sell more medicine...

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