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RO mutualisation: what it is and what it means for your bills 💡

#UKEnergy #RenewablesObligation #BusinessEnergy

While the environmental benefits of #RenewableEnergy are clear to most, the commercial advantages of being more sustainable may be less obvious.🌿

Look at some recent sustainability successes and see how renewable power could benefit your business ⬇️

Third Party Costs - also sometimes referred to as non-energy or non-commodity costs - amount to around 60% of a typical energy bill. But, they're changing ⚡

Find out why they're changing, and what it might mean for your #business 👉

What are the latest developments in the Targeted Charging Review (TCR), and how will they affect your business?

#TCR #TargetedChargingReview

We've produced an exclusive report on the current state of play in the electricity market 📖

Designed for those managing energy in the I&C sectors, it aims to make sense of the times we're going through and what they mean for the electricity market 👇

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the world of #energy has changed dramatically. Explore what you might be able to do to mitigate risk for your business in our latest whitepaper ⬇️

What is #COP26, what's so important about it, and what countries are on track? 👇

As part of @DraxGroup, and with the support of @AclaraSolutions and @IMServ, we’re pleased to announce our first successful Polyphase meter install 🎉 (1/6)

AI and smart meters are making your business greener and more competitive ⬇️

With our new mobile app, Energy Assistant, customers can:
👉 Be prepared for the following month’s bill
👉 Spot and stop unusual energy use
👉 See where you can save and how effective your actions can be
Learn more:

We’re pleased to support The Prince of Wales’ @TheSMI #TerraCarta, signed by our CEO Will Gardiner @ddwg.
Calls for ‘Scaling up research, innovation and investment into carbon capture’ including engineered solutions inc. BECCS & #NegativeEmissions. #SMI

From CSR to ESG... Here's how your business should be reporting sustainability 👇

Since the pandemic, how many large businesses believe #sustainability and/or climate change have increased in importance?💭🌍

The latest @OFGEM Consumer Perception Survey says >70% of consumers are happy with their #SmartMeter. Take a look at what you could be missing out on 👉

The UK’s leading the #LowCarbon revolution, with our electricity system having decarbonised at almost twice the pace of any other major economy ⚡

Learn more:

It’s our priority to keep customers and colleagues safe during COVID-19 restrictions, so all our colleagues, including customer service, are home-based. The best way to get in touch is to email your account manager, you'll find their email address on your most recent bill 📨(1/4)

COVID-19 has forced businesses to rethink and reimagine 💭 #Sustainability was already on the minds of many organisations. But, the pandemic has accelerated the shift in thinking...

Look at that spike 📈

Day-ahead electricity prices reached an extreme £1,000/MWh for this teatime, driven by cold weather, tightness of gas supply and the post-Christmas return to business. (1/3)

The point of smart meters is to make the energy system more real-time… and it could mean cheaper tariffs for you, too!

The road to #CarbonNeutral is not a straightforward one, and getting your business to #ZeroCarbon emissions may feel out of reach. 👣

Which is why we've created this ebook - packed with steps you can work through to give our planet a brighter future:

Your smart meter installation visit is purely to install your smart meter and give energy efficiency advice. There's regulation that tells precisely how a meter visit should run 👇

We recently read "Millions of smart meters have stopped working and "there is no end in sight to this problem"", so we took it to our resident expert Bjoern Reinke to bust this myth.

We've heard some pretty odd things about smart meters, and it's time bust some myths with our resident expert, Bjoern Reinke. In our tenth episode, he looks at whether customers are being blackmailed into getting #SmartMeters in order to get cheaper tariffs 👇

Could burglars get hold of your smart meter data?

❌ No! Your #SmartMeter data is secured with military-grade encryption. Only a handful of thoroughly vetted people have access to it. Your data is safe!

The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 and the transition period will end on 1 January 2021. So we’re letting you know that Drax is ready to continue supplying the reliable, affordable energy you depend upon 👇

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