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Whether you're a seasoned camper or a complete newbie, we've put together a few ideas to help you have the most eco camping trip possible! 🌿🏕
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Keep it cool and keep it cheap with our top tips for keeping your home chilled and your bills down this summer ☀️🔋
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☀️⚡Usually, We only generate power from the light that we can see. 2 major discoveries have uncovered ways to greatly improve the efficiency of harnessing energy from the sun. Generating energy from invisible light 👀

#GNE #EnergyNews #SolarBreakthrough

🚆Transport for London has announced plans to make the London Underground run completely on renewable energy by the year 2030 and have the city carbon neutral by 2050. ♻️🏙️#GNE #EnergyNews #CarbonNeutralTravel

🌎 ♻️ No one expects you to become a super-eco warrior overnight. Just choosing to do one of these changes makes an impact!⁠ If we all collectively act great things can happen. 💪#GNE #ThursdayThoughts #PlasticFreeJuly

🚗 🔋 As the nation adapts to current green trends and switches to electric cars, bikes, or scooters; an estimated 350,000 homes in the UK will be fitted with electric vehicle (EV) chargers by 2025. #GNE #EnergyNews #GreenTravel>

If you didn't guess the answer to last week's word clue the answer was: A Light Switch. 💡Well we're back with another weekly word quiz and today it's the word search! How many can you find? ❔#GNE #MondayMotivation

We've all done this recently and more than once! 🤣 There's only so much 🖥 Netflix, 🧘‍♂️yoga and 📖 reading one can do before we get bored and we keep exercising the fridge door! Well, at least there's a reason to don those trainers! 👟 Enjoy the weekend! 🌥 #GNE #FridayFunnies

♻️Throwaway 🧴 🔋 in our local landfills, things just piling up there isn't an ideal condition for the decomposition of these products. The time taken for each of these common products to get completely decomposed? You'd be very surprised. #GNE #ThursdayThoughts #PlasticFreeJuly

Well done if you solved last week's conundrum! The answer was wind turbine. Can you solve this week's brain-buster word riddle? Answer's below and have a great week! 👍🌥#GNE #MondayMotivation

Join the revolution to minimize plastic waste this month for #PlasticFreeJuly! It’s time to reduce, reuse, and rethink. Who's in? 💪👍 Take the challenge #GNE #PlasticBagFreeDay #BreakFreeFromPlastic

🛴🔋 Rental e-scooters have been given the go-ahead in a new push by the government to make journey's smarter and greener! Test schemes will run for 12 months and will allow rental e-scooters on cycle paths and roads > #GNE #EnergyNews #GreenTransport

♳🌍 This month is @PlasticFreeJuly, a global effort to reduce single-use plastic waste. Minimize your intake take up the challenge this month!👍 #GNE #plasticfreejuly #choosetorefuse

👣🌍 A new report that screened over 7,000 studies has highlighted the #Top10 ways to cut your #CarbonFootprint (it could save 9 tonnes of CO2)! Click the link to find out more >>
#GNE #Blog #CutYourCarbon

🤓🧩We hope you're enjoying our weekly puzzles! Answers to last week's Wordsearch was: Solar, Hydro and Wind. Today's countdown conundrum, clue: We're all about energy here. Think you've got the answer?🖊 Let us know below. Enjoy and have a great week! #GNE #MondayMotvaion

We are sure quite a few would love to quarantine with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Ryan Reynolds! 🤣 Still one can dream eh? Have a great weekend and we hope you do something brilliant! 👍☀️ #GNE #FridayFunnies

🏘☀️ Great news for Brighton & Hove, the council plans to install solar panels on 500 council-owned homes in a bid to get the city carbon-neutral by 2030. Helping slash bills by up to £150 and cut carbon emissions by 300 tonnes every year #GNE #EnergyNews

🤓🧩Start the week off great! Get the grey matter 🧠 activated with our weekly word puzzles. How many can you find? Have a good week ahead.👍
#GNE #MondayMotivation

"Any man can be a Father but it takes a special man to be a Dad" 👨😄 We hope you all have a safe and Happy Father's Day weekend! 🏆 #GNE #FathersDay2020

No one ever expected to be hanging out in PJ's this long! 🤣 Still, it made for some interesting fancy dress costumes to take the rubbish bins out. Enjoy your weekend! 🌥 #GNE #StaySafe #FridayFunnies

🦠 As the UK gradually opens its high streets and retail stores, remember to still follow the guidelines set out for your health, safety and to prevent the spread of contagion. 😷🧼#GNE #StaySafe

And he's feeling good like he knew that he would! ⚡️🕺 Fixed, variable or prepay, switch to your next feel-good energy plan > #GNE #SwitchandSave #FeelGoodEnergy

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦A whole new meaning to the phrase #HomeAlone was experienced for families during the #coronavirus #lockdown. There was nowhere to hide from your little angels! 👼🤣 Get some quality #you time this weekend, (when they've gone to bed 😉) Enjoy the weekend! #GNE #FridayFunnies

#Lockdown is a strange time for us all, no matter what our living arrangements are and your usual pastimes might not be enough. Hobbies are a great way to get you motivated and inspired to try something different. #GNE #WellnessWednesday #Hobbies

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