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Anyone can be a #food hero!
Your grandma, who makes the most of leftovers 👵
A local farmer, for their precious work 🧑‍🌾
Food transporters, who saved us during the pandemic 🚛
Your husband, who makes the best eggs🧑‍🍳
Who are your #FoodHeroes and why?

He that plants trees loves others besides himself. Thomas Fuller 🌳

#wednesdaywisdom #GNE #motivationalwednesday #greenenergy sustainability

*Limited Time Offer* 🔊
Switch to one of our fixed tariffs today and receive £80 free credit 🎁 👉
#GNE #GoGreen #GreenEnergy #green #energy

#Mentalhealth has never been more important than it is now - there are many ways to take care of yourself, why not start today?
· Take time to recharge your energy 🧘
· Keep active 🏃🏃‍♀️
· Find your secret power⚡️
#WorldMentalHealthDay #GNE

What can we do in our everyday life to have a #greenerhome? Discover 39 Easy Ways to be More #Ecofriendly 👉
#GNE #greenlife #greenhouse #sustainable #sustainableproducts

Choose the right tariff for your business💡
Get a quote in seconds using just your address and energy usage! 👉
#GNE #greenenergy #greenbusiness #greenlife

The earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. 🌲
Find out how to go green: #wednesdaywinsdom #GNE #motivationalwednesday #greenenergy

📉 💷 Ofgem is lowering the default and prepayment price cap from 1 October to its lowest levels yet. Find out how the price cap works and what it means for your bills in our latest blog post >>
#GNEBlog #EnergyPriceCap

Many have travelled from near and far. If you read this now you know who you are 🗺️ Care to take a chance at our riddle? Or will you sit there with your thumbs a twiddle❓ The answer from the last word jumble was 'Geothermal'
#GNE #MondayMotivation

⏱️ It is time to change our habits and live more responsibly to preserve and respect the environment. 🌍 Discover our new store dedicated to help you keep it #ecofriendly 🏪 💚

#shopgreen #greenisthenewblack

🥪 Cats are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. They can sense things that we humans can not. 😼We have a feeling that this cat is trying to tell their human that it's time to go back to work.😂

#GNE #FridayFunnies

🗑️What a load of old rubbish! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Read how a new project in Wales is turning waste destined for the landfill into enough energy to power 68,000 households.♻️

#GNE #EnergyNews

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