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It's #WinnieThePoohDay! This lovable bear has had our hearts since we were little. And still teaches us precious lessons and reminds us that even if we are little, we can do big things, and even when life knocks us down, there's always a way to get back up.


From our daily water consumption at home to the large quantity of water used in the production of clothes and food, everything that we use, eat, or wear has a water footprint. Try and set water usage targets in order to reduce the wasted water & protect our 🌍. #WaterSaving

ICYM our news last week: we've joined the @ElectricNation_ #Vehicle2Grid project as an energy partner. The project is led by @wpduk and @CrowdCharge via @tweetsbycurrent

With @green_energy_uk's TIDE TOU tariff #EV drivers can charge overnight at off-peak times. This is the most sustainable way to lower energy bills, & by levelling out demand, it reduces the generation capacity we need to build as a nation ⚡⚖️
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Last chance to join @wpduk 'vehicle to grid' trial as @green_energy_uk becomes one of four supplier partners:

We are very excited to announce @green_energy_uk as an energy partner on Electric Nation #V2G project! ⚡
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@wpduk @CrowdCharge @DriveElectricUK @eatechnology #VehicletoGrid #ElectricNation #NetZeroFuture #ElectricVehicles #EVs

Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid project announces Green Energy UK as an energy partner

Fantastic to see @ElectricNation_ announce @green_energy_uk as an energy partner on Electric Nation #V2G project! ⚡
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@wpduk @DriveElectricUK @eatechnology #VehicletoGrid #ElectricNation #NetZeroFuture #ElectricVehicles #EVs

We’re delighted to be part of the @ElectricNation_ #V2G trial with @CrowdCharge and @wpduk : with our TIDE time of use tariff and a smart meter, #EV drivers can charge their vehicles overnight when electricity prices are at their lowest.

Looking for a New Year's Challenge? Join us for #Pledge2021 and help to save 2,021 litres of water in January. Each day we will send you a simple challenge to help you get involved. Head to to sign up and start the year by helping the planet 🌍 ❤️

Did you know that a fully loaded dishwasher can be more water-efficient than washing by hand? Scientists who studied the issue found that the dishwasher uses less soap than hand-washing, one-sixth of the water, and reduces your electricity and water bills. #WaterSaving 💦

To reach net-zero emissions by 2050, primary energy demand would need to fall 17% in the next decade 📉

Electrification, efficiency gains & behavioural changes would all play major roles in achieving this.

Explore the new net-zero analysis in #WEO20 →

We can't go green at any cost. Which is why our EKO Energy tariff has been independently certified by @EKOenergy_ as being sustainably generated in locations that do not affect migrating birds or fish. #sustainability @RSPBNews @Natures_Voice

5: Switch to a 100% green energy supplier!

Whenever your existing contract ends, make the switch. It's one simple change that'll ensure your home is powered by #RenewableEnergy from now on.

Check out @octopus_energy @BulbUK @ecotricity @green_energy_uk

#renewables #greenenergy

In 2020 we went the equivalent of 7 months coal-free 👏

🗓️ over 200 days
⌚ over 5000 hours
🎶 over 77,000 plays of Auld Lang Syne

Here's to more progress in our shift to cleaner energy in 2021, as we come #TogetherForOurPlanet

#HappyNewYear #ClimateAction #NewYear

A renewables boom in the U.K. is leading the power industry to its greenest ever year

Season's Greeting everyone! 🎄🎅

We wish you lots of love, peaceful holidays, and good health. Here, at @green_energy_uk, we would like to thank you for all your commitment and for helping to create a better and greener future for us and our #planet.
Merry Christmas! 🎅

We believe that one day, everything will be powered using only energy from sustainable and renewable sources. That’s exciting and is why we’re fully committed to playing our small but vital part in the UK’s green journey. #Renewables #GEUK

An early Christmas present indeed! 👏 UK’s windfarms set a record for clean power generation, which made up more than 40% of its electricity on Friday. Article by @JH_Ambrose for the @guardian. #CleanEnergy

If you feel like no Christmas table is complete without a cracker, then choose a friendly and sustainable alternative to the plastic ones. They are made from recycled or recyclable materials and plastic-free gifts. Have a greener Christmas! ♻️

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Here, at @green_energy_uk we believe our customers deserve the very best experience so when you call us, you'll get straight through to a member of our team who will be happy to help. ☎️

#CustomerService #GEUK #NoMenu #RealPeople

Here, at @green_energy_uk we are thrilled to hear that you are happy with our services. Thank you so much for your kind words, Eve. Have a lovely Friday!

#TrustPilot #HappyCustomers #RealGreenGas #GEUK

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