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UK findings from the largest ever global survey on #climatechange:

🟢Demand for #greenjobs higher than anywhere else💪
👧Young people more likely to describe climate change as a global emergency👦
☀️Renewables are most supported environmental policy💨

Useful and informative piece in the @Independent on greenwashed energy tariffs; a scandal which urgently needs addressing. Good Energy's @kitdixon1 provided insight. #greenwashing

Want to take an easy first step towards reducing emissions and switch to renewables for your business?

Join @wearealbert's Creative Energy scheme to take advantage of affordable green energy from @goodenergy

Put your heating on a timer, so it is only on when you need it.

Around 18ºC -20ºC is ideal during the day, with 16ºC being a comfortable temperature for sleeping.


Switch your bulbs for energy efficient LEDs. You'll typically save around 5kg of carbon per year per bulb – which all adds up.

@EnergySvingTrust estimates that if all UK households switched entirely to LEDs, we could save 1.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually.


Welcome back US. Now let's get on with #ClimateAction.


Your fridge is a big power consumer in your home.

🌡Turning it up by 1ºC, as long as it’s still under 5ºC, will save energy while keeping food chilled.

Let leftovers cool down thoroughly before storing in the fridge and defrost frozen food in it for free cooling.🧊


Informative piece by @goodhousemag on green tariffs, including sound advice from @friends_earth:

"Companies that aren’t doing anything to drive growth in the amount of renewable energy being produced shouldn’t be selling their product as green."

Is it more energy efficient to boil water on the hob or in a kettle?

The answer is kettle, but make sure you are only boiling what you need so that it’s on for less time.

If you drink a lot of hot drinks, try filling a thermos at the start of the day.


We'll be sharing #EnergySaving tips throughout this week.

First up: keep your radiators clear so they can properly heat the room.

Don’t use them to dry clothes. If under a window, try tucking your curtains on the windowsill to keep more heat in the room.


It's #BlueMonday2021.

If you're suffering from climate and pandemic anxiety, we have a few ideas that might help.

The years between 2011 and 2020 were the hottest on record, and 2020 was among the warmest of all.

A beautiful and inspiring story about the hopes for #RewildingScotland from @TheScotsman

Planting trees and restoring peatlands is just one half of the battle...

New data is showing a positive change in shopping habits due to coronavirus. Ethical consumers are on the rise. But will it stick? Let us know what you think.

I think 2021 can be the year of climate action 2020 was once billed as.

The next 12 months will determine whether we make a decisive transition to clean energy that we need.

My latest column for @Forbes.

ICYMI: If you are planning on being greener in 2021, join our One Planet Promises campaign.

You'll join a community and get support, tips and chances to win prize along the way.

We are supporting @CarolineLucas & @johnbirdswords' #FutureGenerations Bill, which aims to tackle the climate, pandemics & poverty head on.

But it needs your help to pass!

Please visit to invite your MP to @BigIssue's Wellbeing Week 25th-28st January.

It’s the time of year when resolutions are made... and often broken.

If you're planning on being greener in 2021, we can help.

One Planet Promises will give you with tips, ideas and support for all sorts of sustainable changes.


💨Bit blustery out there today!💨

But it's all good — it means wind power is the UK's biggest source of electricity right now, supplying 36% of the UK grid. 💪⚡️

Want to know how wind turbines work? Read our explainer:

Had a fun afternoon catching up with the good folks at @GoodEnergy .
A lovely bunch doing the right stuff! Happy Christmas y’all! 🎄

🎄 Are you dreaming of a green Christmas? 🎄

We have updated our @teemillstore store with some fantastic Christmas jumpers. There's time to order for Christmas and all profits go to @EcoSchools.

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