Roadmap for cooperation with Bashkiria’s industrial complex signed

Gazprom, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Bashkortostan signed a Roadmap today at the 8th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.

In line with the document, Gazprom and the industrial complex of the Republic of Bashkortostan will join efforts in the 2018–2021 period to expand the output of import-substituting products, namely state-of-the-art equipment for LNG filling stations and telecommunications.

The Roadmap provides for the formulation of business plans to set up production, as well as for the expansion and refurbishment of production capacities owned by the participating enterprises, if necessary, and for the development of design documentation and the manufacturing of commercial prototypes.

If the prototypes pass testing and undergo certification, Gazprom will consider the possibility of entering into long-term contracts for the supply of these products to the Company-owned facilities and the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade will subsidize the participating enterprises and draw up special investment contracts.


The 8th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum is being held as part of the Russian Energy Week International Forum.

In 2014, Gazprom and the Republic of Bashkortostan inked the Roadmap for the project for a wider use of high-tech products manufactured by regional producers for the needs of the Company. Currently, Gazprom works with more than 60 enterprises in Bashkiria.