Where do you pay your bills? Uncovering the new generation of ‘life admin adventurers’

By JaneBranscombe

‘Life admin adventurers’
choose to pay their bills and complete tax forms in the dentist chair, up trees
and even on The Great Wall of China

A quarter of those aged
18-24 have done life admin while in the bath

Smart Pay As You Go from
E.ON allows customers to manage their energy whenever and wherever they choose

As the nation is
more connected than ever before, the desire and ability to manage life admin,
such as paying bills and managing utilities, on the go is unsurprisingly on the
rise. According to new research from E.ON1, a generation of ‘life admin
adventurers’ are taking to the bath, the dentist chair and even the London Eye to
complete their day-to-day admin.

While the
majority of us choose to do our life admin at home (82%), it seems we rarely
give our full attention to the task in hand. Multi-tasking life admin-ers admit
to paying bills and managing their taxes while also watching TV (58%), cooking
dinner (25%), eating meals (22%) and even entertaining their children (12%).

The research, conducted
with over 2,000 adults, also reveals:

The younger generation are the biggest life admin adventurers, willing
to use almost any surface, event or venue to get that bill paid or tax form

A quarter of those aged 18-24 reach for their phone over the rubber duck
to take care of their admin tasks while in the bath (25% compared to 10% on

One in five (19%) people do their life admin on the go to fit these
chores around their daily routine with commuting (14%), shopping (12%) and
waiting at the school gates (3%) all being named as opportunities to tackle

Over a third (38%) do their admin while on holiday, with two thirds of
these saying they do so because their admin couldn’t wait until they got home
(61%) and a fifth (20%) saying it was because they forgot to do it before they went

To help people
manage their energy whenever and wherever they like, E.ON has launched
Smart Pay As You Go – a
new payment option which allows customers to manage their energy use and top-up
their balance when they choose and in a way that suits them – by app, online or
by phone2.

David Bird, E.ON’s Residential
and Customer Operations Director,
said: “Admin is one of
life’s necessities and while we can’t get away from managing our bills, we can help
make the process easier.

“As our research
shows, many people like to carry out their life admin while multi-tasking or
while they’re on the go. Smart Pay As You Go allows our customers to do just
that – managing their energy whenever and wherever they choose. We hope that
making this process simpler for our customers will leave them with more time to
spend doing the things they really enjoy.”

Respondents to
the nationwide survey revealed some of their most extreme administration
destinations. These include in the dentist chair, on the Great Wall of China, up
a tree, whilst walking the dog and on the London Eye.

About Smart Pay As You Go

E.ON’s Smart Pay As You Go is a new way of
paying that transforms the way in which customers manage the energy they use:

· Smart Pay As You Go offers a variety of quick and easy
ways for customers to pay – by app, online or by phone;

· In addition, it offers
greater control over energy use, allowing customers to view their balance
online, through the E.ON app or through an in-home display at any time and keep
track on what they’re spending in pounds and pence;

· With the function to receive
alerts as customers’ balances approach zero, this puts an end to running out of
energy unexpectedly forever;

· Customers who choose Smart
Pay As You Go will also receive the same prices previously offered only to
customers paying by fixed monthly Direct Debit.

Smart Pay As You
Go is being offered to up to 5,000 customers by the end of 2015 and is being offered
more widely from 2016.
For more information and to
register interest in switching to Smart Pay As You Go, customers are asked to


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