The not-so harmonious house share: the 10 things we’re most likely to fall out over around the house

By VictoriaBlake

Cleaning the house, leaving
the lights or heating switched on and taking the rubbish out cause the most
arguments among house sharers

Splitting the bills causes
strife for one third, who are left out of pocket by housemates not paying their

E.ON’s Smart Pay As You Go
enables people to
keep track of their energy use and spend, whenever, wherever[1]

Cleaning the
house, leaving the lights or heating switched on and taking the rubbish out are
among the most frustrating house share moments, according to new research from

The survey, which
was conducted with 2,050 people who share a home with their partner, friends or
housemates, found that the top 10 things people argue over are:

Cleaning the house (34%)

Leaving the lights or heating switched on (22%)

Taking the rubbish out (21%)

Leaving the washing up for others to do (19%)

Wasting energy (18%)

Letting food go off (18%)

Not replacing household essentials when they run out (18%)

The household temperature (15%)

Hogging the TV (15%)

Leaving things on standby or plugged in (12%)

The burden of bills

When asked about
energy bills specifically, another common area of contention among house
sharers is managing and splitting the cost (14%), and housemates who just don’t
pay their way (14%).

Of all
respondents surveyed, one in three (33%) people have been left out of pocket
after managing their household bills, averaging a loss of £27 each when others
they live with have shirked their share and never paid up. Looking at specific
age categories, the results reveal that the older we get, the worse we are at
paying one another back: for 18-24 year olds, the average rises to £36 and for
those aged 35-44 it nearly doubles to £54.

Finding an easier way to pay

Estimating energy
use is another tricky territory for house sharers – especially those who pay on
receipt of energy bills rather than by Direct Debit. Respondents who pay their
energy bills when they get them say they prefer the financial flexibility this
offers (31%), and like to choose when to pay (35%).

Two fifths (43%)
of this group say they also like the idea of knowing that they’re paying for
exactly the energy they’ve used. However, almost half (49%) are unclear about
how much energy they’re using and how much their next bill is likely to be. As
a result, one third say they find it more difficult to budget (35%) and worry
they may receive a large bill unexpectedly (46%), with over one quarter (26%)
stating that being able to track their energy use would enable them to make
better savings.

To help customers
address these issues and have a better understanding of their energy
consumption and cost, E.ON launched its Smart Pay As You Go
pilot. This new way to pay will bring an end to estimated bills, allowing
customers to track their energy spending in pounds and pence, and top up their
account whenever, wherever by going online, by using the app or over the phone.

Smart Pay As You
Go customers will also receive the same prices, previously only offered to
customers paying by Direct Debit.

David Bird, E.ON’s Residential
and Customer Operations Director, said
: “We know that every household is
different so we want to ensure that our customers have a choice when it comes
to how they pay.

“Anyone who’s had to face the
challenge of splitting the household bills will know that this can be difficult
to keep on top of – particularly when you’re not always sure exactly how much
you’ve spent until the bill arrives.
Our Smart Pay As You Go pilot, which launched in May, gives house sharers
increased visibility of their energy spending, helping customers to manage
budgets and pay for energy as they use it.

“Smart Pay As You Go also allows customers to choose between all of
E.ON’s different tariffs, ensuring they’re on a deal that’s right for their
needs. This includes prepayment meter customers who are now able to access our
cheapest prices, potentially saving them up to £102 per year[3].

“Smart Pay As You Go is a
simple, easy and new way to pay that we hope will make life a little easier for
our customers – whatever their household dynamic.”

About Smart Pay As You Go

E.ON’s Smart Pay As You Go is a new way of
paying that transforms the way in which customers manage the energy they use:

Smart Pay As You Go offers a variety of quick and easy ways for customers to
pay – by app, online or by phone;

In addition, it offers greater control over energy use, allowing
customers to view their balance online, through the E.ON app or through an
in-home display at any time and keep track on what they’re spending in pounds
and pence;

With the function to receive alerts as customers’ balances approach zero,
this puts an end to running out of energy unexpectedly;

Customers who choose Smart Pay As You Go will also receive the same
prices previously offered only to customers paying by fixed monthly Direct Debit.

Smart Pay As You
Go is currently available to existing customers and will be offered more widely
from 2016.
For more information and to register interest
in switching to Smart Pay As You Go, customers are asked to visit


Notes to editors:

Customers will need E.ON to exchange their meter(s)
for a smart meter(s), and other eligibility criteria will apply – see the
Register Your Interest page for more details During periods of regular planned maintenance, E.ON’s
online services won’t be available;

Research conducted by OnePoll, polling adults
living with their partner/family/ friends/others, conducted between 26th
June and 7th July 2015.

£102 is the amount a typical dual fuel prepayment
meter customer could save per year if switching from E.ON’s EnergyPlan standard
tariff to its cheapest one year fixed price tariff (E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year
V16). This amount includes payment method discounts of £70 per year (£35 per
fuel through a
reduction in standing
charge), which is the equivalent amount received by customers who pay by fixed
monthly Direct Debit. Prices valid as of 15 December 2015.

For more information contact:

Postle: 02476 195 785 /

Jag Bickham: 02476 181 308 /

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