Switched on pupils get to grips with circuits at ‘E.ON Energises Anything’ workshops

By JaneBranscombe

Pupils at
secondary schools around the country have been making sweet music during a series
of brand new workshops which saw participants use anything from bananas,
plasticine and coins to make circuits that enabled them to create and play
music via their computers.

innovative ‘E.ON Energises Anything’ workshops were held at 14 schools over the
last term to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.
The sessions were designed to help pupils’ understanding of electricity,
conduction and circuits, and concluded with students performing their musical
creations for their classmates.

During the
workshops, pupils rolled up their sleeves and experimented with a range of foods,
plants and everyday objects which they clipped to circuit boards in order to
demonstrate how the items could help conduct electricity.

Poole, Senior Community Relations Officer at E.ON helped organise the sessions.
Billie-Jean said: “The idea behind E.ON Energises Anything is to inspire
students to discover for themselves the amazing conducting properties of
everyday objects. Pupils also learn how to complete a circuit and then use that
power to create different sounds and ultimately make music.

hands-on activities have been specifically designed to fit within the physics,
design and computing curricula, and to promote STEM topics to young people, but
we also hope to provide a bit of fun and entertainment in the classroom.”

Joanna Wu,
Class Teacher at Turves Green Boys’ School in Birmingham, took part in one of
the workshops. She said: “The class really enjoyed trying something new and fully
embraced the challenges they were set during the workshop. It was a lively
session, and judging by the music produced, pupils quickly came to understand
that just about any material that can conduct even a tiny bit of electricity can
work in this set-up.”

Energises Anything forms part of E.ON’s broader educational activities,
developed to educate children about where energy comes from and how it is used
in our everyday lives.

As well as
E.ON Energises Anything, E.ON also offers educational activities through its Energy
Experience programme which has been created to help teachers working with young
people aged 5-16 years. Energy Experience includes online and classroom
activities which support the curriculum, and which have been designed to help
pupils understand all stages of energy production, distribution and

details and resources can be found at


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Source:: Switched on pupils get to grips with circuits at ‘E.ON Energises Anything’ workshops