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Sun rising: E.ON launches first-of–its-kind Solar Reward for new solar customers

  • The first 500 new solar installation customers will be rewarded for exporting back to the grid
  • Launch forms part of E.ON’s commitment to help bring smarter solutions to customers

Homeowners looking to fit solar panels once again have the opportunity to get paid for the power they supply to the grid with E.ON launching its ‘Solar Reward’ incentive, a new payment scheme designed to continue rewarding customers who invest in solar energy ahead of the closure of the Government’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) subsidy scheme.

E.ON has created Solar Reward to help try and bridge the gap between the closure of the FiT scheme at the end of March and the future launch of the Government’s new supplier-led Smart-Export Guarantee. Solar Reward will provide 5.24p per every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy exported back to the grid1.

E.ON is believed to be the first and only supplier in the UK to offer such an incentive for new customers to export energy they’ve generated from their solar panels back to the grid, helping to support the UK’s target to produce 30% of its energy from renewable sources by 20202. Available to the first 500 new solar customers to have panels installed, this one-of-a-kind incentive supports a cleaner, greener Britain and rewards new customers for doing their part to help society.

Michael Lewis, Chief Executive of E.ON UK,  said: “Through Solar Reward – which we believe is the first offer of its kind in the UK – we want to continue encouraging and giving confidence to homeowners across Britain looking to invest in solar energy. We know how important solar is for our future which is why we’re leading the industry in rewarding our customers for doing their part to help.

“By taking power into their own homes, and hands, and generating their own clean energy which rewards them for exporting back to the grid, this not only gives our customers greater control over reducing their electricity consumption but also helps us create a better tomorrow by providing more clean and green energy solutions.”

E.ON already offers Solar and Storage solutions so customers can create and store their own clean energy, save money on energy bills year throughout the year and be more independent from the grid. Solar customers who opt for battery systems use 30% more of the electricity they generate than with solar panels alone3. The battery stores spare electricity they’ve generated during the day and, rather than exporting it straight to the grid, allows them to use it that night.

E.ON is committed to providing smarter, sustainable solutions for its customers. Last year the company launched its Sunroof project with Google; a simple online tool using Google Earth, Google Maps and Machine Learning technology to estimate how much solar potential a house has by examining the property’s surroundings, weather data, sun positioning, and roof area/angle.

The new Solar Reward comes shortly before the end of the Government’s Feed-in Tariff subsidy scheme closes to new applicants. As the only solar installations provider to offer new customers an opportunity to be rewarded for solar exports, E.ON continues to lead the way in creating a better tomorrow.

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