Stoke village hall gets an energy efficiency overhaul thanks to E.ON


Work is underway to install draught proofing, loft and wall insulation at Mount Pleasant Village Hall thanks to the award of a £2,000 grant from E.ON’s Energising Communities Fund.

These energy efficiency improvements form part of a larger renovation project for the hall, which also includes repairing a leaking roof and upgrading the heating system. The draught proofing and insulation will help reduce heat loss and make the hall feel more comfortable in winter for its regular users, who include a pensioners’ club, youth theatre group, bowls players and a dog school.

Katie Gwilt, who is on the committee of the Mount Pleasant Village Hall, said: “We already planned to make some improvements to our heating system, but we knew that without insulation precious heat would simply continue to escape from the building.

“Thanks to E.ON’s funding, and with the insulation almost all in, we should be able to keep rooms at a more even temperature next winter which is important for the comfort of the very young and elderly users of our hall. We’d like to be able to encourage mums with young babies to start to use the hall to meet in too.”


Suzanne Roe, E.ON’s Community Relations Manager, said: “Adequate insulation really is key to making sure you’re not wasting energy and paying unnecessarily high bills. The addition of draught proofing and insulation at Mount Pleasant Village Hall would help boost its energy efficiency and should make a noticeable and sustainable improvement to the comfort of the groups using the hall and to the cost of their energy.

“E.ON’s Energising Communities Fund is intended to provide financial support to community groups and charities wishing to undertake projects designed to bring about a reduction in the amount of energy being used, share energy education or result in the production of energy from a renewable source.

“Since 2013, E.ON’s community funds have distributed more than £185,000 to over 100 community groups nationwide to fund energy-related projects, including £2,000 which was awarded in 2017 to Hanley-based Cross Rhythms City Radio for replacement LED lighting at its studio and office space.”

Visit for more information about E.ON’s Energising Communities Fund; click on to learn about E.ON products and services, including insulation.



Photo shows members of the bowls club who play at Mount Pleasant Village Hall.

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