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East of England revealed as last region to join the Big Switch On

E.ON reveals Britain’s heating habits:

  • Research from E.ON reveals the average Brit turns their boiler on 8th October
  • The East of England has been crowned the hardiest in the cold, as the last region to join the ‘Big Switch On’
  • Scotland is the first to turn on the heat, on average turning on their boiler on the 27th September
  • Over half of the UK (52%) delay joining the ‘Big Switch On’ in an effort to save money, followed by 22% that have the environment in mind
  • Research also found that London residents are the biggest secret heaters, with 62% sneakily switching on the heat

The East of England is officially the hardiest part of the UK when it comes to bearing the cold, turning their boilers on eight days after the average Brit (14th October), according to new reaesrach1. People up in Scotland are the most trigger happy when it comes to turning on the heat, 11 days before the ‘Big Switch On’ – which has been identified as 8th October.

E.ON found that 26% of the UK delay switching their heating on as they prefer a cooler temperature overall, followed by a 52% majority of Brits who admitted that they avoid switching on the heating to save money. Scottish residents were also found to be the most environmentally minded, with 30% saying that they postponed heating their homes in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

The research also found that Brits have some interesting methods to keep warm in their attempt to delay turning on the heat, with over half of Londoners (54%) likely to cuddle someone, while 20% of Yorkshire residents are likely to be seen going to a friend’s home to take advantage of their heating.

Findings show that by 1st December 70% of UK homes will have had their boiler turned on. However, some Brits admitted to keeping their heating on all year round, with a quarter (25%) of North Easterners admitting to being the main culprits.

Research also reveals that we’re a nation of secret heaters – with over half (51%) switching their boiler on without letting on to their housemates or family. Findings show that men are the most likely culprits, with 53% admitting to being a secret heater. What’s more, millennials aged 16-34 are the most likely age group to sneakily switch on the heat, with 61% having done so, with the top reason being to avoid arguments in the home.

The research also found the following information on Britain’s heating habits:

  • 42% of Brits are more comfortable in a cool bedroom, as opposed to the 66% who prefer a warm living room
  • West Midlanders were found to be the guiltiest of secret heating with 56% admitted to doing so
  • 11% of millennials aged 16-34 admitted to delaying switching on their heating as they were unsure how to on their own
  • Homeowners were found to switch on their heating sooner than those who rent (3rd October on average for those who own a home with a mortgage, compared to 8th October on average for those in private rental accommodation)
  • Some Brits’ alternative methods of keeping warm were found to include sitting in the bath (28%), keeping the oven on longer than they should (18%) and heating themselves with a hairdryer (15%).

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Notes to editors

  1. Research conducted by Censuswide with 1,501 participants in September 2019.

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