E.ON’s locator tool helps people with prepayment meters find their nearest top-up location, wherever they are

By ScottSomerville

E.ON’s ‘Prepayment Store Locator’ tool allows anyone with a prepayment meter to find the nearest place to top-up their energy. The tool is available for desktop and mobile devices so people can top-up wherever they are.

The Prepayment Store Locator brings together 50,000 Payzone, Post Office and Paypoint stores across the UK and lets E.ON customers and non-customers search by their current location or a postcode, street name or town. The tool finds the 10 nearest top-up locations and displays store information, directions and maps, and opening times.

This service is set to please the third of Brits (32%) who say they want convenient and accessible services from the companies they choose to buy from, according to research from by E.ON1.

Damian Kirk, Head of Prepayment at E.ON, said “At E.ON we’ve been listening to our customers to show them that we’re delivering the improvements and the services they want. The Prepayment Store Locator helps provide a convenient and helpful service for prepayment meter customers and hopefully just make life that little bit easier for them.”

Getting ready for winter

E.ON’s Prepayment Store Locator was originally launched ahead of the winter months, alongside advice to help ensure customers use no more energy than they need.

  • Heating your home accounts for roughly two-thirds of your energy use2. By turning the heating down when you’re out, away or asleep, you could significantly cut your heating bills. Only heating the rooms you use will help too. And if your radiators are equipped with thermostats, turn the heating off in rooms you’re not using. Finally, remember to programme your heating and to adjust the timings when the clocks change.
  • Cutting down on tumble dryer use could help lower energy use. If you can’t dry your clothes in any other way and you need to use your dryer, give your clothes a quick extra spin in the washing machine beforehand – they’ll dry much quicker.
  • Keep radiators clear of furniture – it reduces their efficiency output.
  • Don’t leave things on standby – no matter what time of year; leaving things like TVs and games consoles on permanent standby means they’re still sapping power and costing you money.
  • Many modern showers, especially electric ones, heat up immediately so there’s no need to run them before getting in – running them for less time will save you water and money.

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Notes to editors:

1 All data based on research carried out among 2,000 British adults by Vision Critical, September 2014.

2. Source: E.ON.

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Source:: E.ON’s locator tool helps people with prepayment meters find their nearest top-up location, wherever they are