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E.ON’s Blyth Offshore Wind Farm to be decommissioned, bringing to a close its pioneering contribution to the development of renewable technology

Members of the public interested in finding out more about the decommissioning plans are invited to join E.ON’s project team at a public information event taking place at the Port Training Services (near the Blyth Boat House, Quay Road) between 3pm and 8pm on 20 March.

E.ON expects to make use of local suppliers for as much of the decommissioning work as is possible, including waste disposal and crew transfer vessels. One of the turbines will be recycled and reused for spare parts within E.ON’s onshore fleet and the other is to be used by the Port of Blyth for training purposes.


For more information contact:

Jane Branscombe, 07921 491159,
Victoria Blake, 07738 143903,

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