‘E.ON Touch’ launched to enable customers to control their heating and hot water remotely and better manage their home energy use

By JaneBranscombe

  • Three quarters of people leave their home heating and hot water on when they go out for a couple of hours
  • One in four leave the heating on when they go away for longer periods, and almost a third leave their hot water on
  • With the average home now having three mobile phones, E.ON launches ‘E.ON Touch’ in direct response to feedback from customers that they want to control their settings remotely with an easy to use app
  • E.ON has today (TUESDAY)
    launched ‘E.ON Touch’ – a new system which enables customers to remotely
    control their heating and hot water anytime and anywhere, with the use of a
    smartphone app1.

  • The average home
    now has three mobiles phones2, and with heating accounting for
    around 60% of a household’s energy use and hot water accounting for a further
    15%3, the introduction of E.ON Touch is intended to help customers better
    manage their home energy use, conveniently and simply.

    When developing the
    system, E.ON asked its customers what they’d find most appealing about this
    type of technology and E.ON Touch has been designed to meet their core needs.
    These are: being able to see and change heating and hot water settings when they’re
    away from home (81%); having an app available on a smartphone (78%); and having
    easy to set temperatures and schedules (84%)4.

    Customers can also
    benefit from helpful daily and monthly reports about their energy use and
    personalised information to help them manage their household energy more

    According to
    research conducted by E.ON with its customers5.

    • Two thirds (62%) of people have no idea how much money they’re potentially wasting by heating their homes inefficiently;
    • Almost three quarters (73%) of people use heating programmes in winter and almost all (92%) of these override their programmes during the winter months;
    • Three quarters (76%) of people admit to leaving their heating on when they go out for a couple of hours, and three quarters (78%) do the same with their hot water;
    • One in four (44%) leave the heating on when they go away for longer
      periods, such as when they go on holiday, and almost a third (32%) leave their
      hot water on.

    David Bird, Residential and Customer Operations
    Director at E.ON, said:
    “We’ve developed E.ON Touch
    after listening to our customers’ feedback. Heating our homes and water make up
    a huge proportion of our home energy bills.

    “That’s why we’re
    pleased to enable E.ON Touch customers to better control their heating and hot
    water, as well as offering them personalised information to help them see how
    they’re using energy and where savings can be made.”

    E.ON Touch
    customers receive three pieces of kit which are designed to work with the E.ON
    Touch app:

    • a room sensor which lets customers see and control their home temperature;

    • a relay switch which turns the boiler on and off as desired;
    • a gateway which controls heating and hot water by wirelessly connecting to both the room sensor and relay switch
      on the boiler.

    Tomas Sorensen Boye, Vice President of Business
    Development and Sales in Europe for Greenwave Systems Inc.
    said: “We’re proud to have worked with E.ON to deliver E.ON Touch. Our
    unique communications platform enables devices around the home to ‘speak’ to
    both E.ON’s network and customers’ mobile devices, allowing customers to more
    effectively manage their home energy usage whether they’re at home or away.”

    E.ON Touch is
    available from today to E.ON customers in certain locations within the wider
    Midlands, East Anglia and the Welsh borders6.

    Customers can
    choose to pay for E.ON Touch for a one off payment of £199.99, or through a
    payment plan where they’ll pay £49.99 upfront and then three instalments of £50
    each quarter over the next 12 months.

    To find out more
    about E.ON Touch, including Terms and Conditions, visit


    Notes to editors

    1. Must be an Android or IOS smartphone;
    2. Research conducted for E.ON with UK 1,000 parents in February 2015 by OnePoll;
    3. Research with over 1,000 E.ON YourSay customer panellists in 2014;
    4. SmartHeat Winter 2015 research conducted with over 3,000 E.ON customers who use programmes;
    5. E.ON Touch is available in Birmingham, Bristol, Coventry, Crewe, Derby, Doncaster, Dudley, Gloucester, Hereford, Leicester, Lincoln, Llandrindod Well, Lincoln, Luton, Oxford, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Nottingham, Peterborough, Sheffield, Stockport, Stoke on Trent, Telford, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Worcester.

    In order for customers to remotely control their hot water, their home
    must have a hot water tank

    E.ON Touch must be professionally installed by an E.ON approved heating engineer.

    Greenwave Systems:
    Greenwave Systems is a global Internet of Things (IoT) software and
    service company whose 360° integration model and scalable AXON-platform
    software solution enables brands to profitably implement managed services.
    Greenwave’s mission is to increase the awareness and use of the IoT in the mass
    market by allowing leading companies to utilise the technology to create
    extensive customer connectivity.

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