E.ON to no longer progress with the Isles Wind Farm project

By VictoriaBlake

After careful
consideration E.ON has made the decision not to progress with the proposed
Isles Wind Farm project near Newton Aycliffe.

During a detailed
review of the project a number of long standing environmental and technical issues
have been re-assessed. These include the long-standing objection from the
Ministry of Defence, the high level of bird activity on the site, investor
uncertainty and changes to Planning Law. The combination of these issues has
resulted in E.ON’s decision to withdraw from the project.

While onshore
wind remains one of the cheapest low carbon technologies available, the Isles
Wind Farm project, located approximately 1.5 km east of Newton Aycliffe and
12km north of Darlington in County Durham, has been affected by a number of
objections, since it was submitted to Durham County Council in April 2013 and
is no longer technically or economically viable.

E.ON continues to
invest in onshore wind and believes it has an important role to play in meeting
the UK’s 2020 renewable targets. The company has a portfolio of 14 onshore
wind projects in various stages of development in Scotland, as well as 16 fully
operational sites in the UK.


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Source:: E.ON to no longer progress with the Isles Wind Farm project