E.ON shines the light on 6th Gainsborough Sea Scouts


Members of 6th Gainsborough Sea Scouts and the wider community are celebrating after receiving a grant for almost £2,000 from E.ON’s Energising Communities Fund to enable it to replace the lighting at its headquarters.

The grant has been used to upgrade the existing lights at the headquarters to energy efficient LED lighting which it hopes will reduce energy usage and costs for the Sea Scout group. It’s also hoped that the new lighting will help the group to reinforce what the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have learned about being energy efficient whilst working for their Global Challenge badges.

Jonathan Swatton, Group Scout Leader at 6th Gainsborough Sea Scouts, said: “We’re thrilled to have been awarded the grant from E.ON’s fund and we’re really excited to see the impacts the new LED lighting is going to have on our energy usage and running costs.

“Our building is used on a regular basis by a variety of community groups and they’re supportive of our work to become more environmentally friendly. We’re sure that our improvements will also encourage our visitors to re-assess their lighting needs and usage, so the changes will not only reduce our energy consumption and costs, they will have a wider educational impact that will help encourage users to change to more energy efficient options.”

Suzanne Roe, E.ON’s Corporate Responsibility and Community Relations Manager, said: “Upgrading the lighting in a community building to more energy efficient LED lighting is a simple and cost effective way to become more energy efficient and reduce energy costs and 6th Gainsborough Sea Scout group is a great example of how this has been achieved.

“We originally set up our Energising Communities Fund to ensure community groups and charities such as this one could become as energy efficient as possible and for us to be able to give something back to our local communities.

“It’s great to see 6th Gainsborough Sea Scouts using the money to not only benefit their group and members, but to have an impact on whole of the local community.”

E.ON’s Energising Communities Fund was launched in 2013 and since then E.ON has given away almost £140,000 to 84 community groups and charities in England, Scotland and Wales through the fund.

The E.ON Energising Communities Fund is one of the ways E.ON is supporting homeowners and the wider community to become more energy efficient and to save money on their heating bills. To find more about E.ON’s solutions visit eonenergy.com/tomorrow

To help people better understand their energy use, E.ON is installing smart meters for customers across Britain. Customers can visit eonenergy.com/smart for more information about E.ON’s self-reading smart meters and to see if they are able to get one installed. If eligible they can also book an appointment online.


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