E.ON reveals glimpse into nation’s gadget use

By AndrewBarrow

With gadgets featuring high on many families’ festive gift lists, E.ON reveals some key insights into how technology is affecting our everyday lives.

Plugged -in parents:

  • Over a third of British parents feel they need to impress their children with their gadget knowledge (38%)1;
  • Half of parents (50%) turn to their children for help on how to use latest technology;
  • One in three parents has between 1–2 hours’ worth of techie time at home per day (29%);
  • Eight in 10 parents say gadgets are useful in helping them run their household (82%);
  • Fewer than half of parents consider the impact their gadget use could be having on their energy bills (44%).

Techie tots:

  • Children spend twice as much time using gadgets during school holidays and weekends compared to during term time (3-4 hours per day compared to 1-2 hours);
  • Children own an average of four gadgets each2; 15-17 year olds own the most with around seven devices each2;
  • One in five children pick up technological skills before the age of five (19%).

Money matters:

  • Parents estimate they typically spend just under £300 a year (£292.20) per household on gadgets for their children2;
  • Parents with children aged under-five spend almost £400 a year (£394.90) on gadgets for their techie tots2;
  • Over half of parents (56%) admit they use their children’s ‘technology hand-me-downs’ and unused gadgets2.

Family life and strife:

  • One in three couples (30%) have disagreements about the amount of time children should be allowed to spend on gadgets;
  • Over a third (36%) of parents claim gadget use during mealtimes is a frequent cause of domestic disagreements;
  • On average, people have the choice of three devices to watch home entertainment on;
  • Over half of people (55%) admit to leaving multiple gadgets on for 1.5 hours a day while doing something else;
  • Films are now the favourite viewing choice across the nation (27%), followed by sport (17%), documentaries (14%), comedy (11%), soaps (10%) and reality programmes (4%).

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Notes to editors

  • 1. All stats based on research carried among 2,009 British parents by Vision Critical in June 2014, apart from those indicated by caveat 2;
  • 2. Based on research carried out amongst 2,000 UK adults by http://www.visioncritical.com/ in April 2014.

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