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E.ON responds to the Conservative Party’s Future Homes Standard announcement

Commenting on the Conservative Party’s announcement on the introduction of the Future Homes Standard, Michael Lewis, E.ON UK Chief Executive, said:

“Climate change and air pollution are two of the biggest challenges facing the world today. Air pollution – whether caused by road transport, heating our homes or manufacturing – does not respect political or institutional boundaries. This means solutions need to be delivered by policy and action at a national or even European scale.

“The 2025 Future Homes Standard could mean an average semi-detached home in 2025 produces 75% to 80% less carbon dioxide emissions than one built today. This is just the first step on what is a long road to Net Zero and we therefore welcome interim proposals which from next year could lead to new homes producing 31% less emissions through the installation of solar panels and heat pumps. This must be legislated for urgently and backed up with government funding to support innovation in heat pumps and low carbon heat networks. It is also crucial that the government acknowledges the significant challenge of retrofitting the UK’s existing housing stock to meet the decarbonisation challenge.

“We have consistently said energy efficiency should be part of the government’s upcoming national infrastructure strategy, complemented with new financial incentives to support consumer demand, with support such as tax relief via council tax or stamp duty discounts and low-cost green mortgages. A simple fossil fuel scrappage scheme should also be introduced to encourage existing home owners to embrace low carbon heating systems today.”

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