E.ON launches Energy Toolkit to help British SMEs save energy

By AndrewBarrow E.ON today announced it has teamed up with US energy intelligence company FirstFuel Software to help British small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) benefit from energy saving analysis and tools which are usually only available to larger industrial and commercial businesses.

E.ON’s SME customers can access its Energy Toolkit free of charge. Hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, regardless of their business type, could benefit from increased insight into how to better manage their energy use and where potential energy savings could be made.

The new Energy Toolkit is simple and intuitive and offers personalised and relevant information tailored to a business’s characteristics and needs. The tool gives customers insight into their energy consumption, allowing them to monitor buildings and audit their activities before implementing changes. It is being trialled by around 20,000 E.ON customers before being offered to hundreds of thousands more from early 2015.

Anthony Ainsworth, Business Energy Director at E.ON, said: “In recent years we’ve taken care to listen to our customers, in face-to-face conversations and through our online customer panels. What they want from their energy supplier is help in making sure they use, and therefore pay for, no more energy than they need.

“In particular, our small and medium-sized business customers want to be able to cut through the confusion and find solutions for their business which are centred on real data, allowing them to understand, compare and control their energy use.

“By introducing FirstFuel’s software into our Energy Toolkit, we’re changing the game for such businesses – offering advice and meaningful tools based around their own circumstances and giving them benefits usually only seen by larger companies. Helping firms to manage their energy use in a simple and relevant way is crucial in our efforts to become our customers’ trusted energy partner.”

About FirstFuel

Based in Boston, USA, FirstFuel Software has clients in the US including Southern California Edison (SCE), the Department of Defense and the U.S. Government. Its analytics platform has helped US businesses identify average savings of 15% on their energy bills, with approximately 50% identified as operational – meaning the benefits are generally available at either low or no-cost to the business.

Swap Shah, CEO of First Fuel, added: “We’re excited to work with E.ON to bring forward a new age in energy intelligence and help continue to establish E.ON as the trusted energy advisor to its customers. Our platform enables E.ON to implement deep data analysis across its customer base at scale, giving the organisation the ability to share actionable insights with energy consumers.

“Our focus is not only on bringing advanced analytics to bear for our clients, but also ensuring that we’re giving those organisations tools that drive outcomes in energy efficiency.”

The Energy Toolkit gives customers their own analysis conducted for each building, complete with an online web portal showing energy consumption and costs as well as a series of energy saving actions that could have significant impact on a business’s bottom line.

Using simple pieces of customer information, like electricity consumption data and addresses, the tool also takes on board local weather patterns, building data and other information to identify energy use patterns and calculate where and how the business can cut its energy use.

Anthony added: “Many small and medium-sized businesses don’t own their properties but that doesn’t mean they can’t take action to reduce their energy costs; our Energy Toolkit provides advice on where savings can be made without the need for major investment in the building itself.”

Alongside the Energy Toolkit, E.ON offers a range of benefits to help small businesses make real, positive changes to their buildings and their operations, including a free energy efficiency advice line with sector-specific information. Customers who want to invest in new energy saving products for their business can take advantage of E.ON’s supplier relationships which offer them exclusive access to discounted prices for lighting and other energy efficiency products.

Customers wanting to register their interest for the E.ON Energy Toolkit should visit the account settings page within their online account.


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