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E.ON launches ‘Black Friday’ deal offering £400 off in-roof solar panels

From today, homeowners looking to fit in-roof solar panels will have the opportunity to get £400 off. This limited time offer1 continues E.ON’s commitment to helping people better manage their energy through smart, personalised and sustainable technologies like solar and battery technology.

With solar and batteries, homeowners can generate and store their own clean energy and save money on energy bills throughout the year, helping them become more independent from the grid. E.ON offers flexible payment options with three easy to pay options, enabling people to spread the cost of a new solar panel and battery storage system over one, two or three years with interest free credit2 – via finance, up-front, or by paying a deposit and settling upon installation3.

Dr. Jon Kirby, Head of Solar and Storage at E.ON UK, said: “At E.ON, we’re committed to ensuring customers have the opportunity to be part of the energy revolution. With a growing desire to adopt self-generation systems like solar and battery storage, we’re proud to offer innovative new deals like our ‘Black Friday’ offer, to help drive further take-up of technologies that can have a significant and positive impact on our home energy.

“By taking power into our own homes and generating our own clean energy, we can take a step closer in helping to create a better tomorrow. We know how important renewable technologies are in the battle against climate change, which is why we’re leading the way and helping customers take part.”

Solar customers who opt for battery systems use 30% more of the electricity they generate than with solar panels alone4. The battery stores spare electricity that has been generated – even in the depths of winter – but not used during the day, and allows homeowners to use it at night.

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