E.ON helps light up Doncaster Deaf Trust


Staff and pupils at Doncaster Deaf Trust are celebrating after receiving a grant for £1,700 from E.ON’s Energising Communities Fund to upgrade the lighting in the oldest part of the school building.

The grant has been used to purchase LED lighting and fittings for the trust to replace the existing lighting in its main building which houses all of its administration offices, senior managers' offices and some classrooms and is one of the oldest buildings on the 189 year old site.

The trust hopes the new LED lighting will help improve energy efficiency across the building and reduce its energy costs.

Andy Ellis, Business Development Manager at Doncaster Deaf Trust, said: “We’re thrilled to have received the grant from E.ON to purchase new, more efficient lighting for the school and offices on the site.

“Our school is one of the oldest deaf schools in the UK and we’re really proud of the history of our building. However, due to the age of the site, the buildings aren’t very efficient and so we need to ensure we do everything we can to try to improve this and reduce our energy costs.

“The grant from E.ON has enabled us to continue to make the changes to our building and we hope that we’ll see energy and cost savings over the next few months and will be able to use the money saved to benefit the school and its pupils.”

Suzanne Roe, Community Relations Manager at E.ON said: “Doncaster Deaf Trust is a great example of how E.ON’s Energising Communities Fund can really benefit local community groups and the wider community.

“The fund was originally set up to support charities and community groups with bringing about a reduction in the amount of energy being used, share energy education or result in the production of energy from a renewable source. Since 2013, E.ON’s community funds have distributed more than £140,000 to over 80 community groups and charities in England, Scotland and Wales.”

The E.ON Energising Communities Fund is one of the ways E.ON is supporting homeowners and the wider community to become more energy efficient and to save money on their heating bills. To find more about E.ON’s solutions visit eonenergy.com/tomorrow

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