E.ON confirms Killingholme gas-fired power station included in Supplemental Balancing Reserve (SBR) by National Grid

By VictoriaBlake

E.ON has
today (WED) confirmed that its Killingholme gas-fired power station in North
Lincolnshire has,
to contract, been
included in
the Supplemental Balancing Reserve (SBR).

mechanism is designed to keep power stations that are outside the normal or
open market in reserve and available at times of need and National Grid has
requested that Killingholme is available to provide 600MW of electricity when
needed during winter 2016/17.

In March
2015 it was announced by E.ON that Killingholme would cease “normal” generation
and in June a planned closure of the site was revealed. Today’s announcement
will see the plant made available for the SBR with a small number of staff
being kept on to manage safety and operational aspects. No review of the “full”
closure decision will be undertaken as market conditions still prohibit the
medium to long-term future of the plant in “normal” generation mode.

on the announcement an E.ON spokesman said: “Since we made the closure
announcement there have been a number of changes in the energy market that
meant it became apparent there was a requirement for Killingholme’s generation
capability to help keep the lights on. Whilst this is limited good news, it
does not detract from the overall disappointment that is still felt by us for
our colleagues affected by the decision to stop normal operations earlier this
year. Ultimately, and sadly, this news does not change the market realities
that led to the original decision.”

Killingholme was built as a Combined Cycle
Gas Turbine (CCGT) comprising two 450MW modules giving a total generation
capacity of 900MW. Approximately 50 people in total were employed at the North
Lincolnshire site. Killingholme is now 80% decommissioned, however, small
technical changes mean that 600MW can be operated to fulfil the SBR
requirements. A small number of staff
will now
remain on site.


more information contact:

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Source:: E.ON confirms Killingholme gas-fired power station included in Supplemental Balancing Reserve (SBR) by National Grid