E.ON comment on customer attitudes towards smart meters

By AndrewBarrow Commenting on two reports into customer attitudes towards smart meters – from Smart Energy GB and from DECC’s Early Learning ProjectDon Leiper, New Business Director at E.ON, said: “It’s extremely encouraging that two separate pieces of research show people feel more confident about their energy choices as a result of having a smart meter in their home. We took the decision to start installing smart meters early because we feel that they’re the right thing for our customers, and having now installed more than 400,000 over the past few years, feedback from our own customers echoes these findings.”

The DECC study, which featured responses from E.ON customers, showed that customers with smart meters in their homes were more likely to feel in control of their energy use, had tried to reduce consumption and were more satisfied with the service they received from their supplier.

Don Leiper added: “We’re still in the early stages of the wider rollout of smart meters and we have a lot to do to ensure customers are made fully aware of the benefits they can bring; facilitating easier switching, bringing an end to estimated billing and giving customers the tools they need to control their energy use. It’s interesting that awareness is still mixed across age groups and regions and this shows there’s more we need to do, working alongside Smart Energy GB and the industry to further increase awareness and take-up among all age groups and in all regions.

“We’ve done a lot to improve the services we offer for all of our customers – those with smart meters and those who don’t yet have them – like enabling customers to choose our best tariff for them simply and quickly, offering customers Rewards and the option to receive Price Alerts when we launch a new fixed price tariff and making it easier for customers to see how their energy use stacks up to similar nearby homes with our Saving Energy Toolkit. But smart meters will help us take things to the next level for all our customers – by giving them real-time information about how and when they’re using energy and where they can make savings.”

For more information about E.ON’s smart metering programme, visit eonenergy.com/smart.


Source:: E.ON comment on customer attitudes towards smart meters