E.ON beats deadline to deliver energy saving targets

By AndrewBarrow

E.ON today announced that it has met all its targets1 under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, ahead of the Government’s March 2015 deadline.

The company has funded and installed a total of 225,000 2 energy saving measures in 181,000 homes across the country – from Fort William to Plymouth and from Liverpool to Thurrock.

The measures, which included external wall insulation, loft and cavity wall insulation and boiler replacements, are helping families to save money on their energy bills and are estimated to reduce carbon emissions by more than 3 million tonnes.

Through the ECO scheme, E.ON has fitted more than 48,000 replacement boilers. These will deliver lifetime energy bill savings of more than £733 million.

As part of E.ON’s work with customers and communities across Britain, more than 106,000 vulnerable people have received help with fuel bills through obligations which were targeted at those at greatest risk of being in fuel poverty.

Don Leiper, Director of Energy Efficiency at E.ON, said: “The news and weather reports this week have been full of stories about Arctic temperatures and snowfalls which makes it all the more important that we’ve beaten our targets and provided help to many people in time for winter.

“It’s fair to say that ECO has had a tumultuous time this year with reforms to the scheme and changes to the targets and the timelines. But despite this, we have continued to build relationships with people and groups across the country to target this help at those who need it.

“We’ve worked alongside local authorities, housing associations and social landlords to identify the people who most need this help as well as helping to sustain jobs and skills in an industry that supports tens of thousands of people across the UK in businesses of all sizes.

“While we’ve met our targets more than three months early, we cannot be complacent and our work continues across the country so many more households and families can feel the benefit in the future.”

ECO was introduced in January 2013 and set targets for energy suppliers to deliver improvements which will reduce the amount of energy homes in Britain use and waste, and also ease fuel poverty. Designed in three separate elements, ECO focused on vulnerable and low-income households as well as ‘hard-to-treat’ properties.

E.ON was also the first major energy supplier to announce it had met its targets for the CERT (Carbon Emissions Reduction Target) and CESP (Community Energy Saving Programme) energy efficiency schemes which were the forerunners to ECO.

To find out more about how E.ON can help you use no more energy than you need visit eonenergy.com/eco


1 Subject to Ofgem approval. The deadline for energy suppliers to meet their respective targets is 31st March 2015.
2 40,000 measures were installed by E.ON as part of the company’s over-delivery under the previous CERT and CESP obligations and carried forward into ECO.

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