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Case study: Charging the drive for sustainability

Polystar Plastics has grown significantly since its establishment in500 polystarcallout 914055 1993. It meets the packaging needs of customers operating in every market sector, from refuse sacks to food-grade flexible film packaging and pallet covers. It remains an independently owned business that is focused on helping its customers reduce their environmental footprint by demonstrating their own sustainability credentials. 

“Developing more environmentally-friendly products is key to our business’ success, and we’re focussed on green packaging solutions and products that have a positive environmental impact. Alongside this, it made sense to consider our own long-term sustainability and installing charging points has proved a popular decision with our customers and employees.”

Suchin Talwar, Commercial Director at Polystar Plastics

We were already supplying Polystar Plastics with their energy and understood their ambition to become more sustainable. We worked with Polystar to design and install electric vehicle charging points for their employees and customers at their production base and offices in Southampton.

The charging points allow up to 12 vehicles to be charged at one time. We maintain and operate the points as well as supplying them with power. Through our E.ON Drive end to end electric vehicle service for businesses, we were able to meet their needs – providing a more sustainable transport method in a way that didn’t disrupt their core business. 

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