Brits are more aware of the cost of a TV Licence than their energy bill

By AndrewBarrow


  • Only one in ten people know exactly when their energy bill is due
  • ‘Smart Pay As You Go’ from E.ON allows customers to keep a close eye on
    their energy costs so they can see how much they’re using and spending
    whenever, wherever1

released today (TUESDAY) by
E.ON2 shows
that Britain truly is a Gogglebox nation, with the majority of Brits knowing
how much
it costs to purchase a TV Licence (90%) and a monthly Netflix subscription
3 but
only a third (37%) aware of the cost of their monthly energy bill.

E.ON commissioned the
research to gauge people’s understanding of the cost of everyday purchases and
services compared to their energy costs.

While two thirds (64%) of UK
adults claim they have a good idea of how much their energy bill will vary
month on month, only one in ten (14%) know exactly when their energy bill is
due or when their payment will be taken. What’s more, seven in ten people (69%)
with a prepayment meter admit that they’ve run out of credit when they weren’t
expecting to.

asked to select the correct price of items from a choice of three, the
reveal Brits are also more likely to know the cost of six free range eggs and a
first class stamp than the running costs of everyday domestic appliances such
as kettles, dishwashers and hairdryers and the cost of their monthly energy

When asked which household
outgoings had surprised them most in the past, energy bills come out top with a
third (33%) of people failing to anticipate how much they’d cost. This is
closely followed by weekly grocery shopping bills and booking fees (both 29%),
phone bills (27%) and the cost of buying Christmas presents (24%).

E.ON is trying to help
customers better control their energy with ‘
Smart Pay As You Go‘, a
new payment option which allows people to manage their energy use and spend and
top-up their balance whenever and wherever they choose – by app, online or by

Bird, E.ON’s Residential and Customer Operations Director, said:
being able to anticipate how much routine household outgoings will cost can be
frustrating and make it really difficult for people to manage their finances.
As our research shows, many people are unaware of how much their energy
actually costs. With Smart Pay As You Go, it’ll be even easier for customers to
keep a close eye on how much they’re using and spending, whenever and wherever
they want.”

Bradbury, Presenter and Consumer Affairs Expert, said:

“Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of what you’re spending,
especially when you don’t know how much things cost. E.ON’s research reveals
there’s a surprisingly low level of understanding about how much we’re all
paying for our energy compared to other everyday items. But with Smart Pay As
You Go, people can clearly see how much energy they’re using and how much
they’re paying day-to-day, meaning an end to bill shock and helping ensure people
can make savings too.”

About Smart Pay As You Go

Smart Pay As You Go1 is a new way of
paying that transforms the way in which customers manage the energy they use:

Smart Pay As You
Go offers
a variety of quick and easy
ways for customers to pay – by app, online or by phone;

In addition, it
offers greater control over energy use, allowing customers to view their
balance online, through the E.ON app or through an in-home display at any time
and keep track on what they’re spending in pounds and pence;

With the function
to receive alerts as customers’ balances approach zero, this puts an end to customers
with prepayment meters running out of energy unexpectedly;

Customers who
choose Smart Pay As You Go will receive the same prices previously offered only
to customers paying by fixed monthly Direct Debit.

more information and to register interest in switching to Smart Pay As You Go,
customers are asked to visit


Notes to editors:

Customers will need E.ON to exchange their meter(s)
for a smart meter(s), and other eligibility criteria will apply – see the
Register Your Interest page for more details During periods of regular
planned maintenance, E.ON’s online services won’t be available;

Research conducted in November 2015 by OnePoll with
2,050 adults;

Respondents were asked to select the correct price
of items from a choice of three;

Actual cost of eggs, and milk are sourced from an
average of supermarket prices for each item from the following retailers:
Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s in November 2015;

Energy usage costs may vary and are sourced from
Navetas Energy Management:

cost based on using a dishwasher once a day at 65oC for seven days,

cost based on using a Dyson for 1.5 hours per week.

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Roxanne Postle: 02476 195 785 /

Bickham: 02476 181 308 /

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