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As we recover from Covid-19, ways to collectively accelerate towards a zero carbon world include investment in:
🏗️ more efficient buildings
🚘 EVs
💻 renewable & low carbon energy
Read more about how we help organisations in their #ZeroCarbonTransition

It is really encouraging to see the Government announce £350 million in additional funding to fuel a #greenrecovery. Measures like these are a vital step on the journey towards #netzero by 2050. #ZeroCarbonTransition

📢 New Podcast: Listen to our CEO, @nicolalovet1 speak to Tom Cheesewright @bookofthefuture about her journey to CEO and the transformation of the energy industry to meet the challenges of the transition to a net zero carbon world > https://bit.ly/32FHBAB

On the day the world would’ve celebrated the opening ceremony of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – and seen the first Olympic Flame to be fuelled by #hydrogen – ENGIE EVP @franck_bruel writes in @CityAM on the technology’s potential to help decarbonise economies https://bit.ly/2WIXPF8

With the recent government announcement of the #GreenHomesGrant, we support the creation of #zerocarbon homes in the UK. Read about our partnership with @moat_homes & the creation of some of the first #netzero carbon #retrofit homes> https://bit.ly/3gUO6DC #ZeroCarbonTransition

We are pleased to support the @ClimateGroup's UK Electric Fleets Coalition, a group of leading UK businesses advocating for an accelerated transition to electric vehicles. The switch to EVs is a vital step on the path to net-zero emissions. https://bit.ly/UKEFC2

Global action to limit the spread of #COVID19 has provided a glimpse of a greener future, with lower #energy consumption, reduced #pollution and improved #airquality. Read what ENGIE UK's CEO, Nicola Lovett, has to say on post-effects of the pandemic > https://bit.ly/2ZKRw4H

Finding #innovotive solutions to unprecedented challenges is central to UK business strategies right now.
Having worked closely with our partners to provide support through the crisis we're now collaborating to put #zerocarbon at the heart of recovery > https://bit.ly/31vwolD

As organisations recover from #Covid19 reducing #energy use could have cost and environmental benefits. Find out how ENGIE Assure partnership with Grant Thornton helped reduce energy cost by 18%: https://bit.ly/3eNBxt6
Collectively we can make #ZeroCarbon happen #ActWithENGIE

A successful economic recovery from #Covid19 also needs to accommodate success for the UK's #NetZero 2050 goal.
These projects show that it is possible to #buildbackbetter in harmony with society and the planet: https://bit.ly/3e4Fp7Q

Green technology innovation is key to making the #zerocarbon transition happen and supporting the UK's #greenrecovery
Find out how we’re collaborating with our partners to roll-out greener mobility solutions, powered by our @GeniePointEV charging network

How can companies help tackle #AirPollution?
Join us on 6th July for the first in a series of #BusinessforCleanAir campaign webinars for businesses. First webinar is on #remoteworking with speakers from ENGIE, @globalactplan @ricardoAirQ @Sharlene_Gandhi http://bit.ly/2YnNobB

Our 2GW First Hydro pumped storage operation features in today’s @FT – outlining its critical role in helping @ng_eso to balance Britain’s electricity needs during exceptional conditions since Covid-19 lockdown

📢[PR] ENGIE to provide @GeniePointEV charging across Biffa sites Nationwide -supporting Biffa’s sustainability strategy and building on our existing integrated #FacMan partnership https://bit.ly/2VhTpEO

74% of the UK public want businesses to do more to improve #airquality in their recovery. What is your business doing to ensure a #greenrecovery? Join the #BusinessforCleanAir initiative which launched today for free resources:
https://bit.ly/2V44hpl #BuildBackBetter

We're proud to be a part of #BusinessforCleanAir launch today. The initiative helps UK businesses prioritise the most impactful ways to cut #airpollution and make a #greenrecovery. Sign up today, here: https://bit.ly/2V44hpl
#B4CA #BCAT @globalactplan #BuildBackBetter

The post #COVID19 workplace will be very different from the current workplace. Our free guide is designed with practical steps to help businesses resume office life safely & securely and looks at how to drive savings to help fund your post COVID-19 plans >https://bit.ly/2BcLL7u

Our CEO @NicolaLovett1, gives her thoughts on the prospects for net-zero in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic > https://bit.ly/3hHWZ4n

We welcome the release of @CabinetOfficeUK latest outsourcing playbook and continue to work with our public sector partners to deliver effective services which benefit UK communities https://bit.ly/2AYwvL8

ENGIE’s @GeniePointEV Network expands across West Midlands via new partnership with @BromsgroveDC
⚡Rapid #EV charging
✅using 100% Renewable Energy
Supporting the council’s clean transport strategy and contributing to #zerocarbon mobility for the area https://bit.ly/3f0UEzj

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