Npower Launch Cap Tracker 2020

On the back of the Energy Price Cap, Npower has launched a new tariff that will always be 6% lower than the Ofgem Default tariff cap.

The initial prices are based on a 6% discount to the Ofgem Default tariff cap prices effective from 1st January 2019. Ofgem will review the cap every 6 months. The next review is in February and will go live on 1st of April.

Prices can go up or down to reflect the changes to the energy price cap, but any customers on Npower’s Cap Tracker 2020 will always be charged 6% less than the cap prices. Npower will notify any customers about any changes to their energy prices.

What is the Energy Price Cap?

The energy price cap will limit how much energy suppliers can charge customers per unit of energy. Ofgem has calculated what energy suppliers needs to spend to get energy to your home and based the cap on that.

Who is Npower?

Npower is one of Britain’s “Big Six” energy suppliers, and is part of the Innogy group, one of Europe’s leading electricity and gas companies.

Npower serves around 4.84 million residential and business accounts with electricity and gas.

Key Features of Npower’s Cap Tracker 2020

• With Npower’s Cap Tracker September 2020 tariff and your prices will be 6% lower than the Ofgem Default tariff cap until 30th September 2020.
• Variable discount off your standing charge and unit rate, depending on how much energy you use, when paying for both electricity and gas by Direct Debit.
• No early exit fees.
• Customer will receive a discount for paying by Direct Debit. Direct debits will be reviewed every 6 months to ensure customers are paying the correct amount.

Npower’s Cap Tracker 2020 is available for switching through Energylinx. You can either do a comparison on our website or by calling 0800 849 7077. Our contact centre is open Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm and Saturday 9am – 3pm.