New “Power to Switch” Campaign Launched Today

By energylinx

In the UK there are 13.5 million households that could financially benefit from comparing and switching their energy supplier. If we are happy to shop around for the best holiday deals, cheapest insurance policies and almost everything else, then why not one of our biggest household bills?

In a mission to reach those who haven’t considered switching supplier (19% of UK Households), or those that simply lack the motivation to do so (67% of UK Households) the Department of Energy & Climate Change launched their second “Power to Switch” campaign today.

The first campaign took place in February 2015, and included television and radio adverts, billboards, as well as printed ones across the UK. It focussed on raising awareness of savings to be gained from shopping around for the best energy deal using OFGEM accredited sites such as Energylinx. DECC reported that 130,000 homes took up the call to switch energy and save during the last campaign, with the average dual fuel switch saving switchers £312 per year. It is hoped this campaign will experience the same kind of success.

For more information visit or call The Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234. People interested in switching will be directed towards one of the OFGEM Confidence Code accredited sites, of which Energylinx is one.

Energy shopping is easy, straight-forward and could save you £200 on your energy bills. Click here to be taken to our free and impartial energy tariff calculator.

Source:: New “Power to Switch” Campaign Launched Today