Green Deal Scrapped

By energylinx

The “Greenest Government Ever” has announced that they will no longer fund the Green Deal initiative, marking the end of its household energy efficiency programme.

At launch in 2013, it was hailed as “transformational” and the “biggest home improvement programme since the second world war” by ministers. However, The Green Deal scheme which offers cash back and incentives on efficiency measures such as double-glazing, insulation and boilers never quite took off as hoped, with just over 15,000 issued or in the progress of being issued.

The government has no new scheme in place to succeed the green deal and all they have said about the future is that they will work with the building industry and consumer groups on energy efficiency policies. The consumer organisation, Which?, has said that it agrees with the government stopping the green deal scheme as it was currently throwing money at a deal that had not taken off. The latest figures up to June 2015, showed there were 9,999 “live” Green Deal plans, where all measures had been installed in a home, and a further 5,597 in process. Tens of thousands of vouchers have been issued under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, with payments worth £114 million paid out to finance 27,140 measures. A total of £171 million has been committed under the fund.

However, others have criticised the move of scrapping the scheme without any replacement. The home insulation industry says it will create huge uncertainty for firms while the government works out what the replacement policy should be as there is no doubting the need for a scheme to finance improvements in home energy.

Currently the UK has some of the worst insulated houses Europe, and saving energy is by far the cheapest way of the UK cutting carbon emissions and bringing people out of fuel poverty.

Source:: Green Deal Scrapped